Best Way To Clean Up Dog Hair On Tile Floors

Best Way To Clean Up Dog Hair On Tile Floors
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Everybody who is raising dogs at home will suffer the dog hair problem. Those cute pets can be our beloved family member. But the other side of that has some cons related to the fur of them. Understanding the issue, we will show you the best way to clean up dog hair on tile floors.

1.Some Tricks For Cleaning Dog Hair

People tried to find out various ways to get rid of the dog hair in the room. As a result, we have numbers of methods in order to fight against the problem. There are some effective tricks for cleaning dog hair that you can try at home.

Sticky Roller

This is the temporary method in an emergency situation. Most people have the roller on hand at home, so this is the easiest way to remove dog hair. The surface of this tool is really sticky so that it can catch up all the hair on the tile floor.

The weak point of this method is the low efficiency. The sticky capability of the roller is limited. While you tend to clean all the room with this tiny tool, you have to be really patient.

Rubber Material

There are many pet owners choose to use the cleaner stuff has an electrostatic charge made with rubber to deal with the nightmare. Some common tools are a broom, hand-glove, and mop.

The rubber material can be the perfect one for removing hair. The plus point of the method is that people can purchase easily in the grocery store with a cheap cost. They are also reusable so that pet owners can use it for a long time and save some money.

Before using the rubber tool, you have to dampen it up. Therefore, while sweeping over the surface of the floor, the tool can collect all the disgusting hair. Cleaning the tool after use is for the later use.

Microfiber Pad

The other low-cost method that you can try at home is using the microfiber pad. This microfiber material has an electrostatic charge that can collect the dog hair. You can use this pad by itself or put the pad over the head of a mop. But for your convenience, we think using it with a mop is better.

Your job is running the pad over the specific areas so that the pad catches up all the dog hair. During the process, you need to check out if the pad is too dirty. When this situation happens, you have to wash it again before keep doing the work.

Vacuum Cleaner

Well, if you want to take an investment for long-term use, you should go for purchasing a vacuum. The method does not require much of your work. In addition, when you use this machine, the cleaning just is far easy than all of the upper tricks.

2.The Best Way To Clean Up Dog Hair On Tile Floors

In the first content, we listed some effective tools for you. Some of them are really cheap and easy to find, some need a higher investment. If you are still wondering what the best among the tools, we will give you the correct answer in this content.

Well, the best way to clean up dog hair on tile floors is using a vacuum cleaner. The machine may be the most expensive selection for the fight. Besides, it can help the pet owner a lot of work.

With the perfect technology, the cleaner can clean up all the hair on the tile floor. Plus, the filter of it can prevent dog hair from flying out away. Therefore, your family will not have to breathe in the contaminated environment. As far as I am concerned, the dog hair may harm to the nose and the lung when it goes into the internal organs.

When you have the machine on hand, the cleaning job will become simpler. The only action you have to do is to turn on the vacuum cleaner, and then let it do the rest work for you. We can claim that you will never be disappointed when you choose the powerful machine.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Dog Hair On Tile Floors

1.Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

2.Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352

3.Shark Navigator Professional Upright NV360

4.Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

5.Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless NV501

3.How To Reduce The Shedding

It is easier for you to decrease the falling hair than to collect it on the floor. The main cause of the problem comes from your dog. Therefore, you need to take care of the pet so that you can reduce the dog hair on the floor.

Your dog hair sheds too many due to the lack of protein in its diet. The dog needs to feed nutrient food like dark meat. When noticing that the falling hair is more than usual, you must change the feeding way.

You should brush your pet and take them to shower regularly. Another effective method is trimming. Hence, your pet is clean and spreads less hair onto the floor.

On the whole, the best way to clean up dog hair on tile floors is revealed. We highly recommend you choose the proper tool by following your demand. Because of the different investments, pet owners can pick the tools from the cheapest one to the other more expensive one.