Bissell 1161 vs 1154 : Which Is The Better

With the massive vacuum market, most people are in trouble of finding a proper cleaner for the domestic use. We understand this circumstance so that we will give you the comparison between two vacuums in one article. The previous comparisons are between the Dyson vacuums (Dyson DC40 vs DC41) or the Miele vacuums (Miele C1 vs C2). In this today article, we are going to show you two Bissell vacuum cleaners which are Bissell 1161 vs 1154For the main purpose of bringing to you the helpful information, we have done the research about two of them. The detail informative data is below.

Bissell 1161 vs 1154 : Comparison And Reviews

In this content, you are going to learn about the main features of the two Bissell vacuum cleaners. We will give you the comparison between Bissell 1161 and 1154 and review the pros and cons of them.

Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum - 1161
  • Dirt cup capacity - 1.0 liter. Powerful, Yet Cleans Delicately To Protect Your Floor Surfaces
  • Non Marking Rubber Wheels With Felt Treads. Power Rating: 7 Amps
  • Compact And Lightweight It Is Easy To Maneuver And Store
  • Fingertip Control Allows You To Power The Vacuum And Control The Suction To Safely Clean Delicate Surfaces Like Drapes And Upholstery
  • The Easy Empty Dirt Tank Opens From The Bottom For No-Mess Disposal

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The Design

Both of those vacuums are the remarkable cleaners of the Bissell brand. They are the suitable machine for cleaning hard floors.

The vacuum includes the extension wand so that the user can reach to unreachable areas in the room. Both of them are the corded vacuums with no dust bags require. The bottom dustbin of them has a 1L capacity.

The Cleaning Performance

Bissell 1161 vs 1154 are the ultimate choice for the pet lover. The manufacturer invented those machines especially for the house with pets.

The powerful suction of the vacuum contributes to the high-cleaning result. Your floor will never be covered with pet hair when you have got the machine on hand.

Both of them work best on the hard floor. On the other hand, they also perform well on the other floor types but with the less efficient.

The Features

  • The 1154 model has a swivel steering which is perfect for hassle-free maneuvering. The dustbin of this model is at the bottom of the machine body. Therefore, it is easier for the user to empty the bin in everywhere.
  • The special features of the Bissell 1161 are more than that of the other machine in comparison. It has non-making wheels which are the excellent design for maneuvering. Plus, the wheel material is rubber so that the vacuum will not cause any damage on the floor during cleaning.
  • The air pressure of the 1161 model can regulate with ease due to the digital control panels on the vacuum. That is great for the different cleaning purpose in each part of the house.
  • Last but not least, the wand of the 1106 model is longer. Hence, the hard-to-reach place will be cleaned up without any hassles.

The Difference

  • At the first glance, we can find out clearly that the appearance of them is slightly different. Both of them are in a quite small size. Moreover, the weight of them is light when comparing to the other vacuums on the market. Last but not least, the color of the two machines is different.
  • For details, the weight of the 1161 model is only 9.1 pounds. The 1154 vacuum is 6.7 pounds heavier than that of another one.
  • The extension wand of the 1161 model is longer than that of the other one. That means we can get the higher cleaning result with the 1161 model.
  • Moreover, the 1161 model has the control panels on the handle. That means the user can regulate the suction power with ease. Meanwhile, the 1154 model does not include this function. This supports the 1161 model brings more controlling convenience during clean.

The Portability

We can maneuver both of the vacuums easily in the house. They are similarly lightweight that means you can move them around to do the household chores.

For more details, the dimension of the Bissell 1154 is 13.2” x 10.7” x 8.7”. On the other hand, the 1161 model comes with the dimension of 13.15” x 10.67” x 8.66”.

The weight of the 1154 model is 15.8 pounds meanwhile that of another one is only 9.1 pounds.

The Accessories

We can say that the detailed accessories of the two vacuums are really useful. They are vital ones for making the cleaning process more enjoining.

The 1154 model comes along with many accessories. We can find out the dusting tool, crevice tool, low pile carpet tool, and extension wand.

The Price

On several shops, the prices of the two machines are affordable. The 1161 model is more expensive than that of the other one. The $20 higher in the price of the 1161 model is fair due to the upgraded technology.

You can select the vacuum which has the price suits your budget. You will never regret your choice. Moreover, if you can afford the higher cost, we highly recommend that you should purchase the 1161 model for the best cleaning experience.

Bissell 1161

Bissell 1154

The Feedback

There are many good complements for those vacuums when the user tried to use them at home.

Both of them are really lightweight that is suitable for domestic use. You can move the cleaner around the house without using a lot of muscles. The cleaning performance of them is great, too. Your hard floor will be free of dirt particles like dust, debris, hair, and even the pet’s fur.

The Bissell 1154 has automatic rewind feature which can rewind the chord. That helps to reduce the mess during the cleaning process. It also comes along with a lot of functional accessories. Hence, the user can do the cleaning job with less mess and tiredness.

Otherwise, the 1161 model also has the same advantages as the other one. Besides, it has more pros. The soft bristles of the machine prevent causing damages to the floor. The suction of this one is so powerful and can be adjusted simply by the control panels.

The Conclusion

Both of those Bissell vacuum cleaners (Bissell 1161 vs 1154) are proper pet vacuums for your family. The 1161 model includes more functional features than the 1154 model. That means the better vacuum between two of them is the Bissell 1161.

The two machines have both the great feature and the affordable price for most shoppers. We claim that the choice either the 1161 model or the 1154 model brings almost the same cleaning result for you.