Bissell 1330 vs 1331 : Which Is The Winner?

In this technology age, machines has played an essential role in human life. Admit it. Out life has become much easier and more convenient with the assistance of technology. And, I believe one of the biggest advents of human being, in general, is vacuum cleaners. People nowadays are busy earning money, taking care of their children physically and spiritually, and dealing with other social relationships. Imagine after a tiring day at work, you go home but the house is messy with dust, dirt and pet hair. However, you are too exhausted to grab a broom. Here is where vacuum cleaner come in handy. All you need to do is plugging the cord into a socket and turn it on. They will do the clean-upsyou’re you in a less-energy and less-time-consuming ways. Some vacuum cleaners can pull up the dirt embedded deep into carpets. Especially, all vacuum cleaners are designed to use a filtration system which clears out allergens and small particles and makes your surrounding air clean and fresh.

The number of vacuum cleaners in the market is enormous and because some brands tend to have many similar models with few differences, it can be hard for consumers to choose the right one for their home. It’s not a secret anymore what I am a big fan of Bissell. This brand is a world recognized name in terms of home appliances. Its products are stylish and budget-friendly. Hence, today, I’ll introduce you another famous pair from Bissell which can easily cause the confusion.

Bissell 1330 vs 1331: Comparison And Review

Traditional upright vacuum cleaners are always favored because they are reliable, powerful and work on all floors. Although Bissell has an assortment of vacuum lines, the CleanView will be the most exceptional. Bissell 1330 vs 1331 are closest siblings in the series so they really look alike. They are both versatile, user-friendly and well-built. Also, since the price is similar too, it may be hard to some customers to choose between these two. If you are one of them, then keep on reading till the end.

Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology, 1330 - Corded
  • Dirt cup capacity - 2 liters. Easy Empty dirt tank and washable foam tank filter
  • Multi-Level Filtration helps reduce household allergens
  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting, powerful suction
  • Surface Type:Carpet, Upholstery, Bare Floors, Stairs, Low Pile Carpet, Auto, Counter Tops, Hard Floors

Last update on 2020-09-25 PST - Details

The Design

Bissell 1330 and 1331 have similar design structure but luckily, not their colors. While the Bissell 1330 comes with black color with a few parts in orange, the 1331 has black and pink-red. I believe both of them will be stylish ornaments in your house. People usually think vacuum cleaners are awkward household tools as they’re bulky and unattractive. Well, with these two, you don’t have to worry about these sophisticated cleaners. Both of them have a large base for cleaning large area more quickly. Also, the main body is able to lay flat which is easy for you to get under the upholstery. With a D-shape handle, you won’t struggle to lift or carry the Bissell 1330 vs 1331. In addition, they are corded machines and come with 25-ft power cord. It is lengthy enough for you move pretty freely in a large room without having to change the outlets.

The Portability

Weighing around 15 pounds, they are not much different in weight. And, both of them are lightweight enough for users to lift them up and carry to second or third floors. Also, with 2 big wheels at the back, they enable you to glide the machines around, on various surfaces including hard floors orc carpets. The combination of the cord and hose length is up to 31 ft. Thus, you are able to reach every crannies in your house, like corners, stairs, upholstery or ceiling.

The Cleaning Performance

  • Speaking of power, both Bissell 1330 vs 1331 run on a 10-amp motor. These two CleanView uprights tie when it comes to suction power. They still generate enough powerful suction picking up everything. In addition, both Bissell 1330 and 1331 have the same dust capacity, around 2 liters. This capacity is enough for users to collect dust and dirt from a large area.
  • Bissell 1330 vs 1331 come with 13.5-inch main nozzle in combination with brush roll and 5 height settings.
  • The Bissell 1330 and 1331 feature the so-called One Pas technology which uses the cyclonic system to deliver a long-lasting powerful suction. Along with innovative brush design, the Bissell makes sure the vacuum cleaner considerably cleanse the surface on the initial pass. This allows you to move less and avoid damaging your floor. In reality, more dense and stubborn dirt requires several passes. Yet, in general, you will move less as compared to other upright vacuums.
  • The Bissell 1330 has a rotating brush mechanism which allows the machine to reach deep down into carpets and rugs. It makes sure to lift away stubborn dirt and dust. According to Bissell, the 1330 is equipped with new brushroll based on updated OnePass technology, so it will be better picking up debris and dust (various sizes) on multiple floor types.
  • Both models are not HEPA certified vacuum cleaners, but they have very good air filtration system. Their dual filters, namely a washable foam pre-motor filter and a pleated exhaust filter, do a good job in returning fresh air to the room.

The Attachments

The Bissell 1330 comes with twist and snap hose, 11-inch extension wand, crevice tool, turbo brush, dusting brush/upholstery tool.

The Bissell 1331 includes some tools like crevice tool and turbo brush.

The Price

Both of them are under $100. Thus, Bissell 1330 vs 1332 will be perfect for those who are looking for a good cleaner but don’t want to spend much on it.

Bissell 1330

Bissell 1332

The Feedback

The Bissell 1330 is a famous star. It showed amazing performance on all kinds of floor and great with pet hair. Most of the customers were impressed by the strong suction and happy with the quality at that price. Some even wished they should have bought it sooner. It is undoubtedly awesome minus 1 small issue: the hose is too short.

The 1331 receives 4.2 out of 5 stars. People were satisfied with its very strong suction and great capability of working on carpets. What’s more, it sucked up everything and made the old-fashioned carpets look great after years. However, people hated the noise while it operated.

Final Thoughts

Both Bissell 1330 vs 1331 are great machines. They are designed to deliver high-quality performances at affordable prices. They share many things in common, just a bit difference in prices and attachments.

Which one is your favorite?