Bissell 17859 vs 1785 : Which Is The Winner?

I have done some reviews about Bissell vacuum cleaners and all of them are its well-known products. Today, I’ll focus on another pair from this famous brand – two models from Bissell CrossWave. This vacuum line is seen as a revolutionary, all-in-one, multi-surface cleaning system which vacuums and washes floors at the same time. The devices are easy to assemble and are ready to be used almost instantly. They just need a bit of warm water and cleaning product then it’s ready to start the journey. Obviously, its models aren’t the cheapest vacuums, but they are not as expensive as top-of-the-line Dyson at least.

That is enough for introduction. I wonder if aforementioned information triggers your curiosity. Well, stay tuned and go with me until the end.

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Bissell 17859 vs 1785: Comparison And Review

Bissell CrossWave 17859 vs 1785 have established their name in the market as two of the best ways to mop and vacuum your hard floors at the same time. Thus, it means you can save lots of time and energy for other activities. The principle is that they function as normal vacuums which will clean carpets just as effectively as any other. The problem is that Bissell has tendency to manufacture similar models with few differences, which causes confusion for customers. If you are considering buying a Bissell CrossWave, one of these two is an amazing choice. I’m going to review the Bissel  17859 vs 1785 and give you the idea which CrossWave model is the right one for your home. Keep on reading.

Crosswave 17859 All-in-One Multi-Surface Upright Vacuum
  • Multi-surface machine can both vacuum and wash floors at same time
  • Smart-Touch controls allow you to switch between cleaning sealed hard floors and area rugs; Control your solution with an on-demand solution trigger
  • Includes: Multi-surface brush; Multi-surface cleaner (8 oz.); Parking Tray; Wood floor brush; Wood floor cleaner (8 oz.)
  • Two-tank system keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate; Dual action multi-surface brush roll rotates at 3,500 RPM, using a microfiber and nylon brush to mop while also picking up dry debris; 12" cleaning path
  • Measures 10.5" L x 12" W x 46" H; Cord measures 25' L; Weighs 11.6lbs
BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum, 1785A - Green
  • Vacuums And washes your floors at the same time; surface type: bare floors
  • Dual Action Multi Surface Brush Roll Uses An Innovative Microfiber And Nylon Brush To Mop And Pick Up Dry Debris At The Same Time
  • Two Tank System Keeps Cleaning Solution And Dirty Water Separate To Ensure That You'Re Always Cleaning With A Fresh Mix Of Water And Formula
  • Smart Touch Controls On The Handle Allow You To Easily Switch Between Cleaning Hard Floors And Area Rugs And Control Your Solution With An On Demand Solution Trigger
  • capacity: 0.4

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The Design

It is not a secret that I love Bissell designs. They are stylish and sophisticated. I believe beside cleaning capability, good-looking appearance attracts instant attention and helps to boost the sales. Bissell once again didn’t disappoint me. Two models look modern and strong. The main difference to distinguish these two is the color scheme. While the Bissell 1785 comes with black and green, the 17859 has black and bright blue. The handle is in D-shape and made up of rubber for comfortable feelings. Both Bissell CrossWave 17859 and 1785 don’t have an auto-rewind feature, yet there is a position for you to unwrap the power cord. This won’t take much space for storage. In addition, the on/off button is on the handle. The whole body can lay flat to reach under sofas or beds. The low-profile head allows them to reach tricky positions like behind upholstery. Both units are designed with 25-ft cord which is pretty long for easy mobility.

The Portability

Bissell 17859 vs 1785 do look bulky, yet they weigh just 11 pounds. In fact, the 17859 is a bit heavier than the other. There is a small handle on top of the water tank so that you can lift them off and move to another place or go up/downstairs. To facilitate gliding of these vacuums, Bissell equipped them with 2 wheels at the back. They move smoothly across the floor and carpets without causing damage.

The Cleaning Performance

This is the most important factor when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Although nowadays modern customers have a tendency to be prone to more stylish products, the cleaning capability is still the driving force in the purchasing process. Bissell 17859 vs 1785 have not only modern looks, but also fantastic cleaning capability. Check it out!

  • Both models have a 12-inch cleaning path. It allows the users to quickly cover a large area. This means it requires less passes to clean a certain surface.
  • The dual-action brush roll brings huge benefits. It uses an innovative microfiber and nylon brush to mop and pick up debris at the same time. By changing the brush roll and cleaning solution, user can choose more specialized cleaning combination for cleaning. However, there is difference between Bissell 17859 vs 1785. While the dual action multi-surface brush roll of the 17859 rotates at 3,500 RPM, that of the 1785 is 3,000 RPM.
  • The Smart-touch controls on the handle allows you to easily switch between cleaning hard floors and area rugs. With two on demand spray levels, Bissell CrossWave 17859 and 1785 can clean multiple floors by controlling the amount of cleaning solution. To put it in simple way, more cleaning solution and brush roll are for hard and stubborn dirt. Yet, fragile surfaces require softer brush roll and specialized solution.
  • They have dual-tank design which means they keep clean and dirty water in separate tanks. The capacity of clean tank is 28 oz., whereas that of the dirty tank is 14.5 oz. In order to optimize the cleaning performance, it is recommended using warm water. As they don’t have water heater feature, adding warm water is a must.
  • There are several types of brush roll for Bissell CrossWave 17859 and 1785, including the wood floor, multi-surface and are rug brush rolls.
  • Both units show capability of cleaning short and long pet and human hairs really well.

The Accessories

The Bissell CrossWave 1785 comes with a multi-Surface formula (32 oz.), a wood floor formula (32 oz.) and a multi-surface brush.

The Bissell CrossWave 17859 includes a multi-surface brush, a multi-surface cleaner (8 oz.), a parking tray, a wood floor brush and a wood floor cleaner (8 oz.)

The Price

There is a similarity in price between Bissell 17859 vs 1785. Yet, the former is a bit more expensive than the former, about $300.

Bissell 17859

Bissell 1785A

The Feedbacks

They both receive positive feedbacks on Amazon. Bissell CrossWave 17859 and 1785 are rated 4.1 out 5 stars. People left positive comments like they were totally thrilled by their performance and cool design. Those models did well on various types of floorings, including houses with tile, hardwood and carpeted areas. However, a few customers found it heavy to carry around.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Bissell CrossWave 17859 vs 1785 are great products. With little difference in price and attachments, you can go for either Bissell CrossWave 17859 or 1785.

What is your point of view?