Bissell 3624 vs 5207 : Which One Is The Best ?

Vacuum cleaners play an essential role in human life. They are the machines which keep your home clean without tiredness. Not only having cleaning function, the vacuum cleaners also have amazing features for you to enjoy your time while the house is cleansed. Some come with a schedule program so that even though you are not home, the cleaners still do their jobs perfectly. Or, they have features which filter out allergens and small particles and get rid of unpleasant odors for the sake of your family’s health. Because of all these merits, people wish to own a cleaner which delivers quality results at affordable price.

Bissell is a world recognized name in terms of home appliances. It has led the way in the ever-evolving floor-care industry. This famous brand is highly regarded for its innovative, solid-performing carpet sweepers and upright vacuum cleaners. Also, its products are stylish and budget-friendly. Today, I’ll introduce you other two great cleaners from this brand which will satisfy your needs and budget.

Bissell 3624 vs 5207: Comparison And Review

For the previous articles, I talked about many Bissell pairs. Bissell has many vacuum lines which will fit different purposes. Bissell 3624 vs 5207 are two products from Bissell’s portable carpet series. Specifically, Bissell 3624 and 5207 belong to Bissell SpotClean which is very popular when it comes to a reliable cleaner for precious carpets. Both of them are best-selling mid-range small, lightweight spot carpet cleaners and receive thousands of positive reviews as they show top-notch performances and. These portable carpet cleaners are real fighters when it comes to suction. It means a lot less physical effort on your part.

Fortunately, Bissell 3624 vs 5207 are not too similar. However, picking the right product can be confusing at times since the differences in cleaning capability may not be very clear. In order to facilitate this problem, below you will find the information and useful comparison to make an easier decision between these almost identical siblings.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt and more.
  • Provides a deep clean that leaves you with professional-style results.
  • Permanently removes tough messes and protects from future stains with the power of stain protect.
BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner, 5207A
  • Heatwave Technology maintains consistent water temperature while cleaning
  • 3" Tough Stain tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach places
  • Deep Reach Tool removes embedded dirt and stains from the bottom up
  • Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying
  • Trial size Oxy Gen2 and 2X Spot & Stain Formula included

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The Design

Bissell 3624 vs 5207 are different from each other in terms of appearance. Bissell 3624 look more slender, whereas the 5207 is edged if you look at it from the front. In general, they both are designed in small size which will be fit in any types of houses and easy for storage. Both Bissell 3624 vs 5270 are corded cleaners but it is interesting to point out that Bissell 3624 has a much longer than the other does. Specifically, the 3624 has 24ft power cord, while the 5207 comes with 15ft cord. It is undoubted that the longer cord is, the more freely you move without having to change the outlets frequently. You’ll see this is extremely useful when your rugs or carpets can’t be moved.

The Portability

The most obvious things to notice is Bissell 3624 vs 5207 are small and compact. Thus, they are easy to move anywhere and fit various spaces. And, the fact that the 3624 comes with a longer cord gives users a sense of freedom and convenience. In return, Bissell 5207 is considerably lighter than the 3524, 9.2 and 13 pounds respectively. However, in general, both of them are lightweight and you can bring them outside to clean your car interior.

The Cleaning Performance

They are two of the best portable cleaners of Bissell. Therefore, there’s no way they perform poorly. If you love sufficient power, these cleaners can’t go wrong. However, performance isn’t just about power. They also feature lots of technologies helping you out with the household chores. Check them out!

  • The main difference between Bissell 3624 vs 5207 is the heated cleaning feature. Unfortunately, the 3624 doesn’t have this function. Only the 5207 has. Obviously, with the heated water, stubborn stains will be removed more easily and quickly. And, by using the HeatWave technology, the 5207 is able to maintain the water temperature throughout cleaning process, ensuring the effectiveness all the time. One thing you should remember is that the 5207 doesn’t heat up the water. You have to add warm water first and the system helps to keep it warm.
  • Both of them boast a clean water reservoir which is separated from the dirty water collection tank. Bissell makes sure that the clean water you put in is never contaminated by the dirt and dust picked up from your floors or carpets.
  • There is a difference in reservoir size between these two. The Bissell 5207 comes with a capacity of holding 37 ounces of water, while the Bissell 3624’s reservoir holds over twice as much as the 5207’s.
  • To help you save money, the Bissell 3624 vs 5207 comes with a bottle of Oxy Boost Carpet cleaning formula and 2 Spot and Stain formula, respectively.
  • The Bissell 5207 has a 15ft power cord combined with 4.5ft hose. This means you will reach a pretty long distance. Whereas, the combination of flexible 4ft hose and 24ft cord of the 3624 is ideal for cleaning large space.

The Attachments

The Bissell 3624 comes with a tough stain brush, a stair tool and an 8-oz pack of 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula.

The Bissell 5207 comes with a tough stain brush, a deep reach tool and an 16-oz oxygen Boost Portable machine formula.

The Price

The difference between these two machines are not big in terms of price. They cost around $110-$150.

Bissell 3624

Bissell 5207

The Feedback

The Bissell 3624 receives 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. In general, people were amazed at how powerful the machine was compared to other famous Bissell products. Apart from doing wonders on removing stubborn stains on carpets, this machine excellently dealt with pet hair too. Yet, its major drawback, probably, was the poor hose design.

Bissell 5207 is rated 3.6 out 5 stars on Amazon. In general, people were satisfied with its performance. It really did a good job on carpets. In addition, they loved the idea of separating the clean and dirty water tanks. However, some customers were not happy with the short cord.

Final Thoughts

Bissell 3624 vs 5207 are always on the list of top carpet cleaners. Honestly speaking, they are not much different from each other. Having small size, being lightweight, powerful performance and useful extra tools are all the things you need in a good carpet cleaner. They have all.

Which one, the Bissell 3624 vs 5207, will you choose? Leave your answer below.