Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony : Comparison and Reviews

Choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner for domestic use seems to be a hard work for everyone. In the global market, we can meet lots of models from various manufacturers. They come with differences in design, performance and the others features. In the last article, we showed you the comparison Eureka 71b vs 71c and Dyson DC40 vs DC41. In this topic, we will discuss the Bissell crosswave vs Symphony. When following with us, you can have an overview of the two models of vacuum cleaners. Hence, you will come up with a proper decision for your house within a good vacuum.

Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony : Comparison And Reviews

Both of them are the wet and dry. If you are still wondering about cleaning the messes of your house, try them out! Their design is helpful to do the cleaning job in different condition. In comparison with the common old vacuum cleaners in the market, they have a bright point within the wet cleaning function. Therefore, users can use them not only for collecting dust and kibbles but also the damp waste.

The two of the machines has the same function, but there are some unique traits between them. Let’s keep reading to find out the better one with us.

The Design

The Bissell Crosswave and the Bissell Symphony are the products of the Bissell Homecare brand. Therefore, the outlook of them (the shape and size) is in similarity. They are the bagless machine that is a plus point. In addition, the dustbin of the machine has a huge capability. Hence, they can clean up the huge amount of dirt particles at home without requiring cleaning the bin.

In spite of the same in the appearance, there are some differences between the designs of two machines. The inside technologies are not the same due to the function of them. The Symphony has two cleaning modes which are vacuum mode and wet cleaning mode. On the other hand, the Crosswave comes up with three modes. It can do well as a vacuum cleaner, clean as a mop and it also has the steam function.

The Cleaning Performance

The suction of Bissell crosswave vs symphony is powerful. They catch up all the dirty particles as an effective vacuum cleaner. While people have the model at home, they can wipe away all the dust, hair and kibbles just in some minutes.

The unique trait of the Symphony and the Crosswave is that they have more than a vacuum function. It is clear that people call them the vacuum mop due to this reason. As the innovative development, this functional design brings the vacuums the deep cleaning job.

The producer calls the Symphony is the all in one pet vacuum due to the efficient cleaning job. With the steam mop, while operating, the machine not only takes out all the dirt but also steams the surface. This creates a deep cleansing, especially with the stuck hard-to-clean particles.

The Crosswave does not have the steam function like another one. But it still does a good job in cleaning the floor. During the vacuuming process, the customer washes the floor at the same time. Therefore, all the dirty messes can be removed from the floor, leaves you a shining surface.

The Features

  • The Crosswave and the Symphony are the wet and dry cleaners. Both of them have the easy-to-handle design. That means the user operates them easily to do the cleaning chores. A 25-inch cord length of them is perfect for cleaning. With this size, the user can do the task more conveniently without moving a lot.
  • When we come to put them in comparison, we will see some differences. The handle of the Symphony is adjustable so that users can do the task with no difficulty. Moreover, it is also convenient for storage. The Crosswave has a swivel head which supports the vacuum to do the job in the tighter area. Those components also bring the maneuverability to the machine.
  • When saying about the bin of two machines, we can tell that they are different. The cup of the Symphony just can hold dry dirt such as dust, kibbles, and hair. On the other hand, the bin of the Crosswave can keep both wet and dry particles.

The Difference

  • The difference between Bissell crosswave and symphony are not much. We can tell that the Crosswave has more function than another one. Obviously, the Symphony is the vacuum and steam mop while the other is the combination of vacuum and the mop. Therefore, the cleaning result of them is different.
  • With the higher technology, the Crosswave can give the user the deeper in cleaning the floor’s surface than the other one.

The Portability

Both of the two models are portable. The user does not feel difficult when using them to clean up the room. In detail, the Crosswave is slightly wider than the Symphony. The dimension of the Crosswave is 10.5x12x46 inches while that of the Symphony is 9.8×11.46. Moreover, the weight of the Croswave is also heavier than the Symphony. The Crosswave weighs 11 pounds. The Symphony’s weight is 10.6 pounds.

The Accessories

As far as I am concerned, we can find many models of the two mentioned vacuums on the market. They come with some different parts due to the manufacture’s design. But, on the whole, those machines have some accessories in common:

  • The multi-surface cleaning head.
  • The cleaning pad.
  • The cleaning tray.
  • A measuring cup.
  • The cleaning solution.
  • The water filter.

The Price

Since the Crosswave has more effective cleaning modes than the S, the cost of it is higher than that of the other one. According to some stores selling those products, we see that the price of the Crosswave is approximately $100 much than the Symphony.

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The Feedback

People who use the vacuum cleaner feel satisfied with them. They work wonder on cleaning within the effective wet and dry function. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner helps users a lot in cleaning up their houses. With the appearance of the machine at home, the user can save a lot of money and time in doing household chores.

The Symphony and the Crosswave are the good vacuums which can work in all indoor hard-floor surfaces. During operating, users do not take care of finding the dust bag since they are bag-less vacuums. Besides, the S also has the functional cleaning mode so that it can do well over the area rugs. Plus, if you do not want to use this mode, you can turn it off easily by press the button on the handle. The Crosswave does not have this ability.

Otherwise, there are some cons for them.

The Crosswave does not work effectively on the thick carpet. Moreover, it is hard for the cleaner to reach the edge of the room so the area may not be cleaned well.

The Symphony has a weak point when we use it to clean thick carpet. And the placement of the cord is not right.

The Conclusion

In short, your final decision in choosing which vacuum cleaner matches your demand. Therefore, you can pick up an affordable vacuum within the effective performance. Bissell crosswave vs symphony, two of them are really useful to help you tidy up your house.