Dyson DC40 VS DC41 : Which One Is Better?

The Dyson vacuum is well-known for its perfect cleaning jobs in domestic use. Most people feel in love with his big guy right away after the first try. In spite of the large appearance, the vacuum cleaner has the most effective cleaning result. Obviously, there are different models of the vacuum in online or off-line stores. That makes the customer feel confused when choosing the suitable one for the house. Understanding the trouble, we will show you the Dyson DC40 VS DC41 in comparison. Therefore, you can have helpful information to purchase a proper machine.

Dyson DC40 VS DC41: Comparison And Review

The two vacuum cleaners are both produced by the Dyson brand. The full names of them are Dyson DC40 Multi Floor and DC41 animal. We all know that all vacuums from the Dyson brand have the similar theory in working principle. That makes the special feature among the other vacuum brands in the world.

Dyson DC40 Dyson DC41
Dyson DC40
Dyson DC41
Cleaning Power 200 Air Watts 255 Air Watts
Bin Storage 1.6 Litres 2.1 Litres
Dimensions 1070 x 350 x 310 1071 x 394 x 340
Customer Average Rating
Weight 6.7 kg 7.8 kg
Accessories Multi-Floor Multi-Floor
Cleaning Head Adjustable Cleaning Head (Motorized Brushbar) Adjustable Cleaning Head (Motorized Brushbar)
Fitted Technology Radial Root Cyclone Technology Radial Root Cyclone Technology
Max Reach 19.9 metres 23.4 metres
Floor Type
Pet Hair
Allergens & Dust Washable HEPA Filter Washable HEPA Filter
Warranty 5 Years Limited 5 Years Limited
Price Check Price Check Price

The Design

Dyson DC40 VS DC41 has the similar design in most parts. The appearance of them is slightly different when you look at two of them.
The DC40 and the DC41 are the upright vacuum cleaners. Both of them use the cyclones to suck up all the dust, kibbles, hair, threads, and other dirty things on the floor. Therefore, the main motor of the machine is the same.

The Cleaning Performance

The DC40 and DC41 vacuum cleaners are the trusted friend in cleaning the room. With the high-tech motor, the powerful cyclones can collect most of the dirt particles. In addition, they can suck up all the dust, allergen and threads not only on the floor but also in the air. Therefore, you can stay in a totally fresh environment.
With the younger age, the DC41 has the upgrade engine which gives the machine higher performance than that of the DC40. For more detailed information, the DC40 has just 200 air watts cleaning performance while the other one can reach up to 255 air watts. Since you decide to buy a high cleaning duty vacuum cleaner, you should pick the newer one.

The Features

  • The Dyson vacuum can tidy up the floor by sucking up all the dust, kibbles, allergen, hair and other dirty stuff in the house.
  • Dyson DC40 vs DC41 have the same technology inside them. The producer calls this technology “The Radial root cyclone technology”. With the innovation, the vacuums work in a super powerful way with no loss of suction. The brand is always proud of the cleaning effectiveness of their machine.
  • Secondly, they also have the self-adjusting port that can reach further or nearer due to the situation. With this function, users can have the optimal result when choosing those machines.
  • Last but not least, the producer installs the HEPA filter into both of the DC40 and DC41 vacuums. The filter has been known for the advanced function in catching up the dust and allergen during the cleaning operation.

The Difference

  • In the brief words, we can say that there is a slight difference between the two vacuum cleaners. The design and cleaning result of them still remain unchanged.
  • When taking a closer research, we can say that there are more plus points in the DC41 than the DC40 vacuum. The DC40 tends to be a small size with lower air watts. Because the DC41 is released lately, it has some impressive traits which the other one does not have. The Dyson DC41 has the larger bin capacity, higher performance. It also has the “ease of use” function for the user to run and control.

The Portability

With the bare eyes, we can tell that both of two vacuum cleaners are in a big size. In detail, the DC40 is smaller than the DC41 (the DC40 vacuum is 6.6 kg and the DC41 weight 7.7 kg). Although the appearance of them is not really catching, the portability of them is perfect.
The dimensions of those machines are slightly different. The Dyson DC40 has the 1071 x 394 x 340 mm dimension while that of the Dyson DC41 is 1070 x 350 x 310 mm. In addition, due to a bigger capacity, the DC41 is larger than the DC40.

The Accessories

In the box containing the machine, we can get the same accessories from two types of models. The manufacturer provides the user with a stair tool, a combination tool, a mini turbine head. It is hard to find those components sold apart in the market. Hence, in case some of them in the machine is broken, the accessories are put along with the vacuum in the box.

The Price

In the selling market, the DC40 is cheaper than the DC41. Since the Dyson DC40 is the older one, the price of it is lower. On the whole, the price of them is reasonable because their cleaning-duty is really high effectiveness. We can claim that even you choose the cheaper one (between the Dyson DC40 vs DC41), you will never regret purchasing it.
While choosing a vacuum for your family, the other point which you must attend is the money. According to your capability, you can pick the suitable one for your investment. In our recommendation, if you are aiming to get the better one, you should buy the DC41. With the higher cost, it provides you with more convenient functions. As a result, you can do the household chores more easily.

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The Feedback

As we mention from the beginning of the article, both of the Dyson vacuums gain the good compliments from the user all around the world.
They are the durable vacuum cleaner with longevity lifetime. The powerful machine can handle various types of surfaces. They can clean up the house within a powerful suction and HEPA filter. Moreover, they are a bag-less machine with a separable dustbin. That does not require any dust bag when using them.
Last but not least, the price of them is appropriate for the effective job. Hence, people do not need to be stressful to consider the cost.

The Conclusion

There are many plus points between Dyson DC40 VS DC41. They both work perfectly in your house with great efficiency. We recommend that you should pay attention to your demand to choose the proper machine. Although the two vacuums can work wonder, the newer one (Dyson DC41) is better. As the innovative design, the cleaner can provide you with a higher performance and more useful details. If you are able to spend the huge amount of money, you should purchase the Dyson DC41.