Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead : Which Is Right For You?

With the help of a vacuum cleaner at home, doing household chores becomes easier. As we can see, there are various types of vacuums for us to purchase. We have had some comparison articles for you lately like Dyson DC40 VS DC41 and Dyson DC65 Animal Vs Multi Floor. Today, let’s put two models of Dyson v6 together (Dyson v6 vs v6 slim)! Therefore, we can find out which model is better in comparison.

Dyson V6 Slim vs Motorhead: Comparison And Reviews

Those types of vacuum cleaners have some similar traits when we compare them together. Moreover, besides providing you with the comparison, we also review the pros and cons of Dyson V6 Slim vs Motorhead.

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The Design

The manufacturer names of two products are Dyson V6 slim vs Motorhead. They are the product of the famous vacuum manufacturer – the Dyson brand.

As we can see with our bare eyes, two machines have almost similar appearance when we put them together. If we do not go deeper into the inside construction, we cannot tell them apart.

Both vacuums come with the stick design. The slim design of them is really convenient for users to control the machine. In addition, Dyson v6 and v6 slim are the cordless stick vacuums.

The Cleaning Performance

Actually, when talking about the Dyson vacuum, we all know that they are really good at highly effective cleaning result. That is the same with the two models (Dyson V6 Slim vs Motorhead). They can give the deepest cleaning house result within a few-minute working.

In detail, we can point out that the Dyson v6 performs more effectively than the other one does. The reason for it is that the Dyson v6 includes a direct drive system. That upgrades the cleaning performance of this machine approximate 75% more than the v6 slim model.

In short, both of them are able to clean in every type of floor with the powerful suction. Your house will be completely neat and tidy as you have got those guys at home.

The Features

  • As we mentioned above, there are many similar points of the two vacuum cleaners. They bring to vacuum users the perfect handheld design and the effective performance. Both of them have the power charge so that the runtime is up to 20 minutes on a full charge.
  • The Dyson v6 slim has the powerful motor to clean up all kinds of floor types. The brush roller of this vacuum is the combination of carbon fiber filaments. The material contributes to the deep cleaning result of the Dyson v6 slim.
  • The Dyson v6 motorhead has a direct drive system which is a better feature than another one. That means the cleaning performance of this machine is more efficient than that of the Dyson v6 slim. In the other words, this upgrade drive system enables the vacuum to suck up the finest dust on the house.

The Difference

  • Obviously, as we take a closer look, we can find out that the appearance of them is different a little bit. The main difference between them comes from the inside technology.
  • The latest one – the Dyson v6 motorhead has the direct driver which contributes to the high cleaning efficiency. The upgraded motor brings the Dyson v6 motorhead up to a new level.

The Portability

We can assure that both of those machines are perfect for users to move them around the house. They are slim, cordless and lightweight. That makes it simple to collect dirt particles in every corner of the room.

The appearance of the Dyson v6 slim is slightly bigger than that of the other one. The dimension of the Dyson v6 slim is 11x27x9 inches, whereas that of the Dyson v6 motorhead is 8.3×46.6×8.1 inches.

Moreover, the weight of the v6 slim model is not significantly heavier. The v6 slim weighs more 3.7 pounds than the other one. The v6 slim is 8.2 pounds while the v6 motorhead is 4.5 pounds.

The Accessories

The Dyson v6 slim comes with the combination tool. That tool is for crevices and surfaces.

The other vacuum has more accessories. They are the combination tool for crevices and surfaces and tool for hard-to-reach areas.

The Price

The cost of them is reasonable in comparison with the high cleaning result. The Dyson v6 motorhead is more expensive than that of the Dyson v6 slim.

If you are able to pay more money, you should pick the Dyson v6 motorhead for the best cleaning effect. It is okay for the other people to buy the other machine because it also provides the effective cleaning performance.

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The Feedback

They are the powerful vacuum cleaner which has the effective suction. They treat every area of your house within the cordless design. Moreover, both the Dyson v6 and v6 slim are durable machines. Hence, we can use them for a long time.

Both of two models have the short runtime. That is the most inconvenient point of them. It is fine to clean up within a small area. Otherwise, if the room is large, we need to recharge between the cleaning sessions.

The Dyson v6 slim is a proper cleaner for both carpet and hard floor. It has two head materials which are great for all types of floors. It is a great idea for picking up pet hair.

The weak point of the v6 slim model is that it has a small dustbin. Therefore, it requires users to empty the bin regularly to keep cleaning the house. Moreover, the machine does not work well on the thick carpet.

The Dyson v6 motorhead is a higher power vacuum that the other one. From the hardwood floor to area rugs, it can pick up even the fine dirt particle. On the other hand, it has noisier motor than the other Dyson stick vacuum. In addition, the brush of it needs cleaning frequently.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that you can choose one of those vacuums (Dyson v6 slim vs motorhead) for the deep cleaning effect. They provide the similar advantages for the vacuum user. If you are finding a higher cleaning performance one, you should purchase the latest one – the Dyson v6 motorhead.