Dyson V6 vs Shark Rocket : Which One Is The Winner?

Are you tired of cleaning up your house with your bare hands? If yes, let’s think about purchasing a new vacuum cleaner! In this article, we will compare Dyson v6 vs shark rocket for you. To have more information about the other models of vacuums, you should look up our last article. For example, you can have more detail of the Dyson vacuum (Dyson V6 vs V8) or the products of the Miele brand (Miele C1 VS C2).

Dyson V6 vs Shark Rocket: Comparison And Reviews

We believe that most people know about two famous brands – Dyson and Shark. They are the two popular vacuum brands all over the world.

The Design

Dyson v6 and Shark rocket have the similar quality of the manufactured product. They are both powerful and durable. Hence, your household chore will become less tough when you have one of them at home.

Both of those vacuums are in slim stick design. This proper design is very convenient for users to control the machine during the cleaning job. Moreover, they are the 2-in-1 vacuum so that we can convert between the stick vacuum and the handheld vacuum.

The Cleaning Performance

We can claim that Dyson v6 vs shark rocket are the high-effective machines among numerous vacuums on the market. They can clean in different types of floors from the hardwood floor to area rugs.

The inventor builds up the machine with a powerful engine. That engine supports the cleaner to pick up most of the dirt particles on the surface effectively.

The Features

  • On the whole, both of the vacuums have a lot of common in features. They are both 2-in-1 convertible machines. In the other words, the user can convert each one between a stick one and the handheld cleaner. The automatic runtime is also the same trait.
  • The Dyson v6 has the 100-air-watt suction which is so powerful to collect all of the dirt particles on the floor. Moreover, the large capacity of the dustbin is perfect for long-termed cleaning. Hence, users do not need to detach the bin regularly to empty it.
  • The Shark rocket has the special cleaning head so that it can clean up even tight areas. In addition, it has hooks and wall mount which are great for the storage.

The Difference

  • According to the manufacturer description, we can tell that two cleaners (Dyson v6 vs shark rocket) are mostly similar. Just when we take a closer look, we can point out some differences between them.
  • The manufacturer builds up this machine with 20-minute run time, and that is not adjustable whereas, the runtime of the Shark rocket is on the 20 to 30-minute range. Besides, the battery of the Shark model can be upgraded so that the user extends the cleaning time.
  • This ability of extension is a bright spot for the Shark model. Hence, when you have a large room to clean up, it is more convenient.

The Portability

The two vacuum cleaners are lightweight for customers to control by hand easily. The size of them is also perfect for moving around.

By the bare eyes, we can see that the Shark rocket is larger than the Dyson v6. But this is not too much. They are still the suitable cleaner for you to move them around the room.

In detail data, the dimension of the Dyson v6 is 9.8Wx8.2Dx47.5H inches whereas that of the other one is 11.9Wx10.3Dx45.6H inches. In comparison, the Shark model is slightly bigger than the Dyson model.

For the weight of them, they are under 10 pounds. The Dyson v6 has the weight of 5.1 pounds. The other one weighs 7.1 pounds.

The Accessories

Overall, those vacuums (Dyson v6 vs shark rocket) have some similar accessories coming along in the box of the product. They are a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

Comparing to the detail of those accessories, we can see clearly that they have different components.

The Dyson one has a mini motorized tool, a mini soft brush, a crevice tool, a docking station, and a combination accessory tool. Meanwhile, the Shark model has a wide upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a wall mount, and a 12-inch crevice tool.

The Price

Both the Dyson v6 and the Shark rocket have the reasonable price. With the high-efficiency cleaning performance, their cost is fair.

If you are looking for a cheaper one with a good performance, you should pick the Shark model. Meanwhile, the more expensive one provides you a better cleaning result due to its special cleaning theory.

Dyson V6

Shark Rocket

The Feedback

Vacuum users love those machines for the first time when they try them out. They are the stick vacuum so that they support people to clean up the house easily. Moreover, the machine is versatile to convert between the stick vacuum to the portable handheld one.

The Dyson v6 is in reasonable price and it has the durable function of the Dyson vacuum. This vacuum works best on every floor type.

The most inconvenience of Dyson v6 is the working time. That is maybe too short for a large room. Otherwise, if the room is in a small area, this runtime is too long. This machine has difficulty in picking large debris like chunks of cereals.

The Shark rocket is also appropriate for domestic use. The plus point of this model is that we can upgrade its battery. Hence, we can extend the run time of the machine.

The minus point of the Shark Rocket is that it does not include the advanced technologies (the MutilFlex technology and the DuoClean technology) like the other Shark models. When the shopper puts this one in comparison with the other Shark vacuums, it may be on the weaker side.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, you can choose one of those vacuums (Dyson v6 vs shark rocket) for your house for the best cleaning result. Moreover, they are the good partner of you in doing the chores. Due to your determined investment, you can pick up a vacuum from the two machines. We claim that each of them works wonder in your house.