Dyson V6 Slim vs V8 : Which One Is Better?

It is a challenge when we come to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for our house, right? For those previous reviews, we showed you the comparison between some models from the Dyson brand (Dyson DC40 vs DC41 and Dyson V6 vs V6 slim). For the purpose of giving you more useful information, we are keeping doing research in the Dyson vacuum. Today, let’s take a look at the Dyson V6 vs V8.

Dyson V6 vs V8: Comparison And Reviews

In this content, we will show you our comparison between Dyson v6 and v8. Hence, you can know exactly which vacuum is the proper machine for you.

The Design

Both of them are the stick vacuum cleaner. You can see it clearly right away!

They are older versions of Dyson stick vacuum on the market, anyway, their cleaning performance is still really good. Both Dyson v6 and Dyson V8 have the similar components of the dustbin, motor, and cleaning theory.

The design of the two machines is convertible to the handheld mode. Moreover, they are lightweight and slim perfectly that is compatible with the design.

Dyson V6 Dyson V8
Type Stick Stick
Cord Length Cordless Cordless
Weight 5.75 Pounds 5 Pounds
Run Time 40 Minutes 20 Minutes
Bin Volume 0.14 Gallon 0.11 Gallon
Direct-Drive Cleaner Head
Soft Roller Cleaner Head
Converts To Hand-Held Cleaning
Tools icluded
Price Check Price Check Price

The Cleaning Performance

People have done many cleaning tests with both of the Dyson models (Dyson V6 Slim vs V8). All of the tests showed that two vacuum cleaners give us the great cleaning result on ever floor types.

As the upgraded technology, the V8 model has higher cleaning points than the other one. It can clean up all the dirt particles up to 99%. The other competitor follows after with the 95% cleaning result.

The Features

  • Both of the two vacuum models are the stick vacuums, they can convert to the handheld mode easily.
  • The Dyson V6 has a 2,200 mAh battery while the other one has a 2,800 mAh battery. As a result, the runtime of the V6 model is 20 minutes shorter than the V8 model. For more detail, the V6 has 20-minute runtime, whereas the V8 can work up to 40 minutes.
  • The dustbin of the V8 is larger, with a 0.54L dustbin. That means the user does not have to clean the bin more often. The dustbin of the V6 vacuum is 0.4L.
  • About the noise of them, as the figure in the testament, we found that the V8 model makes less noise than the other one. The noise of the V6 is 76 dB while that of the V8 is 73 dB.

The Difference

  • At the first glance, they look almost identical. The appearance of the V8 model is slightly larger than the other one. Just when investigating deeply into the product figures, we will see the difference between them.
  • When cleaning constantly, the runtime of the V6 model is shorter than the V8 model. That means, if you have a large room to clean, you may need to recharge the battery of the V6 model. But, with the 40-minute runtime of the Dyson V8, you can keep cleaning longer.
  • Moreover, the V8 makes less noise while working than another one. And the dustbin is also larger than that of the V6 model.

The Portability

As far as I am concerned, the portability of two cleaner is appropriate. Both of them are really lightweight and delicate. Hence, you can control and move the machine around the house with ease.

The Dyson V8 comes in a bigger size than the other one, but the difference is not much magnificent.

The weight of the Dyson V6 is 5.1 pounds whereas that of the V8 model is 5.75 pounds. By bare eyes, we can see that the V8 is longer than the V6 one. The Dyson V6 has the dimension of 47.5” x 9.8” x 8.2”. The dimension of the Dyson V8 is 49” x 9.8” x 8.8”.

The Accessories

Both of them have a lot of accessories coming along. We are going to show you right now.

As you can see, in the full box of new product, you can get some same components from two vacuum models. They are a wand, a charger, a wall mount, a direct brush roller, a combination tool, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

The V8 has one more particle than the other one, which is the mini-motorized tool. Moreover, those accessories of this model have the “quick release” design which is the red button on the component. That means you can detach them from the other parts more easily.

The Price

We all know that the Dyson vacuum has the high price than the other common vacuums on sales. So does the two models of this topic. It is reasonable for the cost due to the many advantages they bring to the user.

The Dyson V8 has more expensive cost than the other one. The reason is that it has more upgraded features. Hence, the user can be more convenient in doing household chores with this model.

Dyson V6

Dyson V8

The Feedback

Both of them can do the best job in sucking almost of various dirt particles on the floors. In the other words, they can collect from the big chunk of cereal to the finest dust particle in the surface of the room.

The convertible design of the machine brings comfortable control to the users. They can easily to change between two modes for different areas in the room.

It is fair to say that both of those vacuums work perfectly on every floor types. They gain a lot of compliments from the user all over the world. As the upgraded innovation, the V8 model has more plus points than the other one. Hence, we have got more convenient advantages from the V8.

The Conclusion

On the whole, we are sure that you can see clearly which one is better, right?

Both of those Dyson models (Dyson V6 vs V8) work best at home. Therefore, you can pick one of them for the best cleaning result. Moreover, if you are looking for more convenient and effective vacuum, you should definitely purchase the Dyson V8.