Eureka 71B vs 71C : Which One Is Better?

“Eureka” is a word we say when something amazing happens. In the cleaning field, you can find the “eureka” moment with the appearance of the Eureka vacuum cleaner and today we will compare Eureka 71b vs 71c.

In the other articles, we showed you the difference between two vacuums of the Dyson brand (Dyson DC40 vs DC41) and two vacuums from the Bissell corp. (Bissell crosswave vs symphony). Therefore, you can find out which one is suitable for your house.

Eureka 71B vs 71C : Comparison And Reviews

The machines are the products of the Eureka brand. The full name of the “Eureka 71c is the Eureka Rapid Clean Step”. The full name of the Eureka 71b is the “Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum”.

If you still have no idea about choosing a proper machine, keep reading to the end of the article. We will put the Eureka 71c and the Eureka 71b together and bring out the difference. In addition, we also show you the pros and cons of the two machines.

Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Vac Corded, 71B, EasyClean-Yellow
  • Portable, lightweight handheld vacuum for home, car or garage; Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Motorized brush with on/off switch for thorough cleaning of carpets, Integrated filter with easy to empty dust canister. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 20.00 x 12.00 x 10.00 Inches
  • 20-foot cord gives extended reach to clean an entire room, set of stairs or a vehicle in the driveway
  • Features two motors, one for the brush and one for suction, to ensure a thorough clean
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty and money-back guarantee
Eureka 71C EasyClean Deluxe Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Corded, Lightweight-blue
  • Strong suction with stretch hose cleans stairs, upholstery and even car interior
  • Onboard crevice tool and Riser Visor for carpeted stairs
  • 20 foot cord for extended cleaning; easily wraps for storage
  • 1 motor powers the revolving brush, second motor for suction
  • Lightweight at only 4.8 pounds for convenient cleaning

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The Design

Both of them are handheld types. According to the vacuum user, the handheld vacuum is more portable and flexible than the upright one and the canister. The Eureka 71c and the Eureka 71b are the bag-less and long cord vacuums. This convenient design brings to the user the easiness in cleaning job.

The Eureka 71c is a vacuum for cleaning stair. This stair area is always forgotten by people until it becomes really messy. If most vacuums in the market are too big to handle in the steep area, the 71c will be the lifesaver. The lightweight design of it is perfect for doing the job. Otherwise, the vacuum is still proper for cleaning the other part of the house.

The Eureka 71b is a professor in cleaning job. Unlike another vacuum, the cleaner is designed for wiping off all the dirt particles in your house. Therefore, it may be your best friend in the household chores.

The Cleaning Performance

Eureka 71b vs 71c are the powerful vacuum cleaners. They are the perfect choices for the domestic use. With the high-performance suction, the machine can suck up all the dust, hair, allergen and kibbles from the floor.

The Eureka 71c is 0.5 amps more than the other one. In detail, the Eureka 71c has the 6 amp power while the Eureka 71b’s power is 5.5 amps. Therefore, the vacuum user notices that the cleaning performance of the 71c is higher than the 71a.

The 71c can collect the dust from the car vents to the base unit of a computer. Users claim that it can work wonder in most of the surfaces so it is a versatile vacuum.

The Features

  • The cord length of the 71c is longer than that of the 71b. While the 71c has the 25ft cord, the cord of the 71b is 20ft. This long cord can support the user to clean up the hard-to-reach areas within moving a lot.
  • The small-sized design of the vacuums leads to the small capacity dustbin. During the work, the customer should empty the bin regularly. Anyway, the clear cover of the dustbin shows the quantity of the dust and dirt particles. It is easy for people to keep track of the space inside it.
  • Both of them share the similar filter inside it. This component prevents the dust and allergen from coming out of the vacuum. As a result, they give us the fresh air and a clean room. Due to the same design, we can replace the filter of the 71c with that of the 71b and conversely.

The Difference

  • The primary difference between the Eureka 71c and the Eureka 71b is the designed function. The manufacturer builds the 71c for a special purpose which is for stair area. The older one – the 71b is a vacuum for cleaning the entire house. The weight of them is slightly different. And the cleaning performance of those vacuums is different but a little, too.
  • As we mentioned in the above content, the filter of the 71c and that of the 71b is similar. But it is strange that the 71c’s filter is not washable while that of the 71b is. Some users say that they have washed the filter several times and there is no bad result happened.

The Portability

The vacuum is lightweight and easy to handle. You can move it without using a lot of your muscles. The 71c is heavier than the 71b. For more information, the weight of the 71b is only 4.8 pounds. The 71c has the weight of 6.8 pounds. As you can see, the 71b is two pounds lighter than another one.

Both of them are of small size. The dimension if the 71c is 15x8x7 inches whereas the dimension of the 71a is 7x15x8 inches. The small guy can help you to suck up all the dust, allergen, hair and kibbles with the high power.

The Accessories

We are coming to unbox the full box of a new vacuum cleaner! You will find out that besides the vacuum, there are some other accessories inside.

Belong with the 71c, there are the on/off brush roll, the crevice tool, and the 3-feet-stretch hose. You can find little accessories in the box of a 71b. They are the on/off brush roll and the crevice tool.

The Price

When deciding to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for your family, the price of it is a must-care factor. In comparison with the other vacuums in the market, we find out that the cost of two machines is affordable.

The 71c is more expensive than the other one. Due to sooner release, the 71a has $10 lower cost.

Eureka 71B

Eureka 71C

The Feedback

According to the user who used those vacuum, we will give you the good and the weak points of them.

Both vacuums are lightweight and easy to control. They are the powerful cleaner with the great suction and crevice tool. Two machines have the long cord which is easy for people to reach to every area. The cleaning result is good, though.

The minus points of them are the noisy sound during operation and the clogging problems. The 71c makes more loud sound than the other one. The filter of it can be washed (as the manufacturer said). Moreover, the filter of both vacuums gets clogged sometimes when it catches up a lot of dust and hair on the surface.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the Eureka 71b vs 71c do the best job in every house. People will have different comments on them but a huge amount of users love the machines. They are two of the best handheld vacuums on the market. Basing on your demand, you can choose one of them for the affordable cleaning solution.