Hoover FH50130 vs FH50150 : Which One Is The Best ?

Vacuum cleaners have brought about huge benefits to human life. They are a perfect addition to every home because it performs many special functions. They are important and not only clean up dust and dirt, but also keep the surrounding air clean and fresh. It is obvious that your home look cleaner by a cleaner rather than traditional methods like sweeping or mopping. Every household needs this reliable and efficient cleaning equipment. Aside from its vital role in cleaning, this type of machine can speed up tasks and consume less of your energy and time. Although vacuum cleaners come in different size, colors and designs, they all display common cleaning structure and provide immense benefits to any users. It is 2018 already. It’s time to think carefully about yourself and family’s health. Having a good vacuum cleaner in the house guarantees that your home is always clean and has less chance of spreading diseases.

Have you ever heard of Hoover? I bet you have at least once. This brand is seen as a matching rival of Dyson, one of the biggest brand in terms of home appliances. They are undoubtedly two of the best known and trusted vacuum brands in the market. Hoover comes with a wide range of vacuum cleaners during over 100 years in this field. In addition, the Hoover offers all kinds of things, including bagged and bagless models, as well as commercial vacuum cleaners. I believe it’s a good idea to put your money in an experienced expert, right?

Hoover FH50130 vs FH50150: Comparison And Review

In the previous post, I made a comparison between Hoover Windtunnel 2 and 3. You can see what merits Hoover models offer at such ideal prices, right? Therefore, today article is about another pair of amazing vacuum cleaners from Hoover. The Hoover fh50130 vs fh50150 share many features in common. They come with different names: Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Washer (fh50130) and Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe carpet washer (fh50150). Are you looking for a powerful and reliable carpet cleaners? Well, you’re on the right track. Hoover boasted these models as exceptional performers giving satisfying results. They won’t receive thousands of positive feedbacks for nothing. They are almost the same but I guess you’re dying to know what features set them apart from each other and other cleaners on the market. Let’s get started!

Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner, Blue, FH50130
  • Lightweight weighs less than 19 pounds
  • Exclusive SpinScrub Technology 360 degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers. Counter rotating brushes spin, not roll, for constant carpet contact. Brushes are removable for easy cleaning
  • 8' Ready-To-Use Hose and Upholstery Tool to deep clean stairs and hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy to Fill, Empty & Clean with Smart Tank system making emptying and filling easy with no mess, no tools and no waste of time. The recovery tank comes with a quick pour spout
  • Fast Dry Time with forced heated air

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The Design

They look extremely alike but thankfully, Hoover chose different color for each version. While the Hoover fh50130 is available in gray, the fh50150 comes with the Bordeaux. Both models have the same dimension, including 43.25 in height, 11.5 in width and 17.25 in length. In addition, Hoover designed them using 2 separate tanks for clean and dirt water. Those tanks are transparent. Another similarity between these two is the D-shaped handle which is easy for your to grab and comfortable to push them around. Moreover, they both come with a 20ft power cord and an 8-ft hose. The cord is not that longer as compared to the Hoover Windtunnel 2 vs 3, yet you still have large area to clean before changing sockets.

The Portability

Both models look bulky and huge, honestly speaking. Weighing 18.1 pounds, they are not lightweight. However, when then machines are in empty state (without water), carrying them is not an actual problem even down/upstairs. In addition, Hoover designed them with 2 big wheels at the back for smooth movement. Moreover, the combination of the power cord and hose enables you to move freely and cover a large area.

The Cleaning Performance

Hoover fh50130 vs fh50150 might be similar in terms of physical characteristics, yet the fh50150 comes with some upgrades as compared to the other. Let take a sneak peek into these two models in details.

  • Both models come with an 11.25-inch nozzle and a 10-amp motor. It is enough for you to get rid of any kinds of dust and dirt.
  • They are equipped with heated cleaning feature which forces hot air on carpet fibers. Thus, removing tough stains is more efficient. Also, it helps to speed up drying time.
  • Both of them have a dual tank to separate clean and dirty water and also for easy refilling, emptying and rinsing. This prevent the undesired mixing of clean and dirty water. However, only the fh50150 is capable to automatically mix detergent and water of optimal cleaning results.
  • As compared to the regular nozzle of the fh50130, the fh50150 is equipped with a DualV nozzle. It provides strong, powerful and equal suction to eliminate stubborn stains. In addition, it will suck up remained soapy residue.
  • Another difference is the lack of wash/rinse selector functionality of the fh50130. Thanks to this feature, the fh50150 allows you to selec whether to wash your carpets with detergent solutions or rinse them with water only.
  • Lastly, the fh50150 comes with PowerScrub technology which includes 5 counter rotating brushes that agitate carpet from every angle for a thorough job.

The Attachments

This section present the most obvious difference between the Hoover fh50130 vs fh50150.

The fh50130 comes with only upholstery tool.

The fh50150 includes a SpinScrub hand tool, a stair tool, a upholstery tool and a crevice tool.

The Price

In general, both models are fairly priced.

Hoover FH50251

Hoover FH50150

The Feedback

The FH50130 receives 4.5 out 5 stars. It was acknowledged as a powerful carpet cleaner. Also, it eliminated pet hair excellently and totally was worth the money. Yet, some people found it heavy with full water.

The fh50150 receives over 11 thousand of feedbacks and is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most comments exclaimed “awesome machine”. It was praised for convenience and power: two separate tanks, user-friendly and automatic detergent mixing. In addition, all the attachments added to its versatility. However, it seems to me that most customers didn’t like its bulky look.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, you’ll notice that the fh50150 is promising to deliver more fantastic jobs as compared to the fh50130. However, it means you have to pay a little bit more to get this superior version.

Which one is your favorite?