How To Clean Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors?

How To Clean Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors?
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This content is for all the pet lovers. We know that when having a pet (or more) you have to face up with the pet’s hair on everywhere. Moreover, we understand that those cute animals are your family member. But the hair problem they are not able to clean up by themselves. Therefore, you may be the one who does the task. In this article, we will introduce the key to solve the question: “how to clean up dog hair on hardwood floors?” Hence, you can find out some tips for cleaning up dog hair.

1.The Bad Effects Of The Dog Hair

First of all, before going straight to the main point of this topic, we will list for you the risks of the dog fur.

First of all, the dog fur can impact badly on human health. Like dust and allergen, the small hair may damage your nose and your lung when breathing. Especially with people who are allergic to dog fur, they will get ill inevitably.

Second, the dog fur makes your home like a mess. It causes our furniture unpolished and untidy. Therefore, you may be ashamed when our guests coming over.

2.How To Clean Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors

Obviously, everybody who is having pets in the home understands the nightmare. If your floor is made of hardwood, this is easier to clean up the hair on the surface of it.  The furniture and the carpet are the difficult-to-clean surfaces. There are some useful tips for cleaning up dog hair for you. Therefore, you can choose the suitable one as a weapon to fight the unwanted hair.

Microfiber Pads

The pad is made of microfiber material is the must-have item in the pet owner’s house. With the unique technique, the pad can create an electrostatic charge that can catch up the hair. Therefore, you just need a damped proper-sized pad to wipe all the surface of the hardwood floor and you are done.

To use the pad to clean off the pet’s fur, you have to dampen the pad first. Then, do the task like your usual household chores. During the process, remember to check out if it catches up a lot of dirt. If there are too many dirt particles on the surface of the pad, the cleaning effectiveness will decrease. You have to wash it to keep going.

The plus point of the tool is that it is reusable. After cleaning job, you can wash it up for the later use. In addition, while washing this tool, do not use fabric softener so that it can remain the function.

Rubber Broom

Rubber is also the ideal material to pick up the dog hair. If you do not like kneeling down to wipe the hair, you will prefer this selection.

The tool is suitable for both the hardwood floor and the linoleum floor. While sweeping the floor, the rubber bristles of the broom can bring along with them all the hair on. Moreover, people can also use it as a broom for cleaning the furniture, car or window.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the star among those tools. We save the best for the last for you. We can say that the machine can help you do the task easily. You do not need to touch your hand into the disgusted particles. In the other words, all you have to do is turning on the cleaner and letting it do the rest.

Otherwise, the price of purchasing a new vacuum is higher than those above tools. Although the expensive cost, an investment for the vacuum cleaner is reasonable. Due to the user function, you will not buy it for collecting dog hair. With the great work, the vacuum can clean up your house and you will have more time for your family.

Our Recommendation

We have shown you how to clean up dog hair on hardwood floors. There is some bonus information for you to fight the unstopping nightmare.

Firstly, you should reduce the dog hair shedding. In this way, you are able to not much worry about cleaning several times a day.

To do this, you need to keep your pet clean. Brushing the dog and taking them to the shower regularly is the best way to reduce hair from outside. In addition, the lack of protein can cause more fall-out hair in your pet. Hence, the dog needs feeding the high-protein food like dark meat.

Trimming is also the good method to prevent your pet from spreading hair. You need to trim the fur usually to make sure that there is less falling hair from the pet.

Secondly, if you want to do less work, you must choose to buy a vacuum. There are many high-performance cleaners on the market for your requirement. This is the permanent selection to solve this problem.

But some people do not have much money for the expensive investment. In this case, pet owners can choose the other tools for the cheaper choices.

In sum, we finally finished the whole topic. We showed you various ways to solve the problem of “how to clean up dog hair on hardwood floors”. Those tools we mentioned can work effectively with the same result. According to your preference, you can pick up the appropriate tool.