How To Remove Hair From Vacuum Roller

How To Remove Hair From Vacuum Roller
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In the modern life, many people consider the vacuum a nifty tool in household chores. To get the best performance of the machine, we need to take care of it regularly. We will show you how to remove hair from vacuum roller in order that you can remain the effectiveness of the vacuum.

1.The Reasons Why We Have To Clean The Roller

Cleaning the floor or carpet brings a new look for the house. Everybody always tends to live in a fresh and clean environment so they have to keep their house neat and tidy. With the appearance of a vacuum, they have become a trusted partner quickly in cleaning the house.

After a long working time, the hair was swept by the vacuum’s brush are stuck in the surface of the brush. That causes the decrease of working performance. When there is too much hair clogging in the roller, the hair may harm the engine and your vacuum cannot work properly as well as they did before.

To make sure that your house is totally clean while using the vacuum, you have to check the brush sometimes to clean the roller. Therefore, you are never annoyed by the dirty floor when coming home.

2.How To Remove Hair From Vacuum Roller in Five Steps

The instruction of how to remove hair from vacuum roller is really simple to follow. You should read the steps carefully before attempting to do this job in order to have the best result.

Step 1: Prepare the tools

Before you put your hands in cleaning up the roller brush of the vacuum, you will need those things:

  • Screwdrivers (you can find a screwdriver set put together with the machine in the box of the product).
  • Scissors (or a seam ripper)
  • A towel (or newspaper)
  • A comb
  • A sponge

Step 2: Cut off the power of the machine

While you detach the roller and clean it, you must make sure that no electric power connects to the vacuum. This step is not only for the safety purpose but also for protecting your machine from breaking.

Do not look down on this step because the electricity can harm you in an unexpected situation. You have to check the plug of the machine so that you unplugged completely.

Step 3: Remove the roller

After unplugging the plug out of an electric wallet, you are going to detach the roller. With this step, you will find it easier to clean it up.

We recommend that you put the machine upside down. In this position, you will access the roller in a handy way. Moreover, this will also help you unscrew the bottom face faster. While loosening the screw, you must put them into a container. Therefore, when you put the components together, you have to take the time to find the lost ones.

Finally, it is easy for you to pull the roller off the body of the vacuum after removing the bottom part. In some cases, it may be harder to let it out. When this situation happens, you have to roll slightly the brush in the counter-clockwise direction. Hence, the roller will come out.

Step 4: Clean up the roller

The old roller can catch a lot of hair and the other disgusting stuff on its surface. All you have to do is use those prepared tools we mentioned in the first step to wash the hair and dirt away.

There are many ways to do the cleaning job, but we find out that the scissors or a seam ripper are the best instruments. You use the scissors or the seam ripper to slide along the roller. The main purpose of this action is cutting the hair into small pieces so that they can come out easily. In addition, while doing this, you have to care not to cut off the bristles of the brush.

After taking the tool slide around the roller perfectly, you will use a comb to pull the hair out. Moreover, you should place a large piece of newspapers on the ground so that it catches up all the dirt. You can use a damp sponge to wipe out the finer dust attaching on the roller.

Step 5: Resemble those components

This is the last step of the process. When your roller is clean like the new one, you need to put it back to the right position. And finally, you can let the vacuum tidy up your house as usual again.

5 helpful steps from Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

3.Some Things You Have To Pay Attention

During your removing attempt, you must not forget to pull the plug out of the electric socket firstly.

If you are still vague about the instruction, you should not do it at home. In this case, contact to the professor so that he can support you to remove the hair out of the roller. You must be careful while following all the steps above for the best result, secure and efficient.

In short, we can tell that the step of how to remove hair from vacuum roller is really simple. You can follow the procedure to clean up the roller at home. We advise you to check it sometimes to remain the function of the machine.