How To Reset Roomba In A Simple Way

How To Reset Roomba In A Simple Way
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The innovation of the machine is growing year after year. We have got a lot of smart household applications for our home, included the vacuum. Sometimes, those machines do not work as effectively as they were before. In this article, we will show you how to reset Roomba as a solution to fix this problem.

1.Why do we need to reset our machine?

Your Roomba is a smart machine which has a program installed into it. You may consider the performance of it just like the operation of a computer. Sometimes, the unexpected situation happens, and the vacuum does not work properly anymore.

The reason for this situation is due to the software of the machine. Maybe the program has a problem which prevents our vacuum from running the launcher. In the other scenario, it has got a lot of “unwanted data” which causes the memorizing space full. That will slow down the analyzing progress or lead the calculation to the wrong result.

Your device does not clean the house in the right schedule and the cleaning effectiveness decreases. Actually, the reason may come from the software program. That is the time you need to reset a vacuum’s program to activate the performance.

The result of the resetting action is that it cleans up all the information which is applied by the user. This will release a lot of room for new installation and wipe out totally the unnecessary data.

After resetting progress, you have to set up a new schedule in order that the machine can work as your requirement.

2.How To Reset Roomba Step By Step

The progress of reset a vacuum’s program is easier than people thought. The vacuum user definitely can do it at home without asking for help from the other one. We can tell that the setting progress is as simple as cleaning up your floor. With the following how to reset Roomba instruction, you surely are a master of it.

Remember that we have a various models of Roomba in the market. Therefore, the setting process may be a little different from those machines. In spite of the difference, the main actions are the same. You have to check what type of your Roomba is before put your hand into this work. We will split the procedure into two way of setting due to the design of the vacuum.

The First Type Is For The Roomba 500 and 600 Series.

The initial things you have to do are removing your machine from the charging base and turning it on. After finishing the first step, you need to hold your hand in the DOCK and SPOT buttons. In addition, those buttons located on the side of the CLEAN button, you will find you them easily. During the pressing, you have to hold continuously until the light turns off. It may take about 10 seconds so, just hold those buttons and wait.

As finishing the progress, your machine will be turned off and all the data are gone.  To check it out, you can turn on Roomba again and see the clock. You will find out that the clock will change into the manufacturing setting. That means you have complete resetting your machine.

The Second Type is for Model 700, 800 and 900.

Since the design of the 700, 800 and 900 model is slightly different from the older one, the reset button also changes. If your household application is one of those models, you should follow this instruction.

First thing first, you have to remove your Roomba from the charger dock and turn on the machine. If you do not let the machine on, your attempt at resetting the program should be in vain.

Then, you keep holding the CLEAN button in about 10 seconds, juprogramst like the step we mention above. You will see the button right away because of it in the center of the upper face of the bot. The machine turns off the light that means you reset the vacuum successfully.


The procedure of resetting Roomba is effective when the reason for the low performance is from the software program. You must obviously know that the causes of improper work of the vacuum are numerous. Resetting the machine is recommended while you are sure that the problem related to the program.

In addition, the progress is not an appropriate choice for every situation. If you have no idea about the issues of your machine, we think you have to contact the manufacturer or the professional fixer. Therefore, you can have the best solution for fixing your vacuum.

In short, we showed you the simplest way of how to reset Roomba at home. With the detailed instruction, we hope that you can enjoin the convenience of the machine with the best performance. On the other hand, you should consider asking for support when resolving advanced problems.