How to reset the overheating switch on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

How to reset the overheating switch on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?
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The Dyson is a famous name in the vacuum cleaner market. The product of this brand is always the durable one. Although the vacuum has the perfect design for cleaning, it does not have a reset button. How to reset the overheating switch on a Dyson vacuum cleaner? Let’s find out with us in this article.

1.Causes Of The Overheating Problem

Before going straight to the solution, we need to know the reason why our Dyson vacuum becomes overheated. There are different factors causing this problem. Some of them will disappear when you let the machine rest for a while. The other factors need advanced impaction.


The machine can work continuously, but they still need a break between periods. Otherwise, its engine becomes overheated and it cannot remain the effectiveness. With the innovative designing, people can let the vacuum running all day without being annoyed. That will cause the machine overheated.

Clogged Filters

The filter is a crucial part of the vacuum. It supports the cleaning process by keeping the dirt and not letting the dirt to come back to the outside.

If the filter’s surface is full of dirty things, the effectiveness of the vacuum will reduce. Moreover, the motor will harder run properly. Hence, the machine will get hot soon after operating in a short time.

Clogged Brushes

Without the support of the brush, our vacuum cannot clean the floor normally. The brush getting clogged effects slowly the operation of the motor. Due to the lower effectiveness, the machine needs to work in a longer time. This scenario causes the overheating of the vacuum.

Full Dustbin

If your vacuum dust cup is full of dust, it will need to create more pressure to widen the room for more stuff. Therefore, the machine has to do the excess work and step by step becomes overheated.

Technical Problems

That is the rarest issue but it may come to your Dyson. In this situation, your machine has the internal failure due to the bad technique or failure in the program. You will define the unexpected problem when you try out to clean up all the components of the machine.

2.How To Reset The Overheating Switch On a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Although the vacuum is really high technology and last long lifetime, it also may get into troubles. The minus point of the Dyson is that it does not have any button for the user to reset the machine. Let’s find out the suitable answer to “How to reset the overheating switch on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Due to the long-term doing cleaning job, the engine is too hot to keep working properly. You may see that your vacuum getting hot and you can feel warm when touching the surface. In this case, your task is unplugging the machine and waiting for the motor cooling down. This is a simple situation that you can fix it at home.

Reset Instruction

The solution for the other causes above is related to dirt particles, so you have to clean the component up after using the vacuum. This is the detail instruction:

The clogged filter needs cleaning so that it can do the job. When you notice that the machine gets hot again and again without a long time usage, you need to check the filter. For the best performance of your Dyson, we recommend that you wash the filter regularly every time after use.

Like the clogged filter, the brush of a vacuum can get clogged as well. The main function of this component is wiping all the hair, string and dust from the room’s surface. As a result, the brush tends to catch up all these dirty things in the bristles. You have to gently remove the dirt out of the brush.

Moreover, you have to clean the full dustbin for the machine. Even if you are not able to detach the bin while the machine is running, you need to pause it to do. After that, let the machine go on the job.

Last but not least, if your overheating problem comes from the technical part, you will contact the manufacturer to get the best solution. We recommend that you should not try to adjust any part of the machine. Hence, the producer can fix it for you for free or at a low cost.

3.Some Tips To Reduce This Issue

To maintain your efficiency of your Dyson, you have to take care of it. The overheating issue mostly comes from the outside factor. Therefore, you need to clean up the entire vacuum after using it. That is the best way to reduce the problem.

Moreover, while cleaning the house with the machine, you need to notice about the dust cup of the machine. The appropriate amount of the dirt is half-fill of a cup. The more filler is, the more overheating problem causes.

In summary, we are sure that you can have the proper answer to the question “How to reset the overheating switch on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?We hope that you will use this useful information to fix this problem at home. In case worrying about breaking the vacuum, you can call the professor to get the help.