How To Program Roomba 650 : The Easiest Way

How To Program Roomba 650 : The Easiest Way
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how to program roomba 650 seems to be a hard task for many people who are using the machine. As the fast development of technology, we have a more useful household to keep our house tidy. We will show you the simple way to schedule the cleaning work of Roomba.

1.The Benefit Of How To Program Roomba 650

As Roomba 650 is a modern vacuum, it has the pre-programing function which those older machines could not do. This useful function is really suitable for the busy lifestyle nowadays.

People are always going outside to do a lot of jobs, so they do not have enough time taking care of the house. With the innovation of the vacuum, users can set the timetable for cleaning, and they can let the application do the task. Moreover, they just need one setting and the machine can clean up the house up to a week without any adjustment.

Technology brings those machines more intelligence than they had before. People can totally schedule the cleaning work of Roomba 650 for a week. They can choose the working frequency of the vacuum. For example, the user can set up his machine to work once per day on seven days in a week.

With this handy function, busy workers or businessmen can both do their jobs and tidy up the house effectively. To find out the simple way to program your machine, keep reading until the end of the article.

2.Set Your Machine’s Clock

First of all, before let Roomba remember your schedule, you have to set the time for your machine. Hence, it can work properly as your demand at the right time. In the other words, if you want your machine clean your home in specific time on a day, the vacuum needs to have the correct time setting.

To set the clock, all you need to do is simple. You just hold the CLOCK button on the machine. Choose the DAY, HOUR, MINUTE buttons then apply the appropriate time. When finishing the adjustment, you should release the CLOCK button to let your machine save the time setting. You will hear the sound “beep” from your vacuum as the signal of completing the progress.

3.Program The Cleaning Schedule

After setting the time, you will go to the next step. Find the SCHEDULE button and hold it while you choose the working schedule. The DAY, HOUR and MINUTE buttons are used to set the time of the day you want your machine to clean up the house. That is really easy like a piece of cake!

After applying the right timetable, you need to release the SCHEDULE button to let Roomba remember it.

4.View The Schedule Of The Vacuum

Sometimes, you want to check the cleaning schedule of your machine. We will show you the simple step to do that. You just look up the SCHEDULE button and hold it. During holding the button, press the DAY button and you will see the timetable on the screen of the machine. After finishing checking, release the SCHEDULE button and you are done.

5.Change The Cleaning Schedule

When you have already set a cleaning plan into the vacuum, it is also simple to change the plan. Like we do those above steps, you have to hold the SCHEDULE button to begin changing the program. Then, you press the DAY button to show the cleaning timetable on the screen. To change the program Roomba 650 which we applied before, you choose the HOUR and MINUTE buttons. The next step is adjusting your vacuum with the correct time you want. Finally, release the SCHEDULE button to complete your adjustment.

6.Delete a Schedule

There are different reasons that you want your machine to stop the previous schedule. For example, you change your working plan or want to create a new schedule of the vacuum for your convenience. That is reasonable to ask you to know how to delete a schedule of your Roomba.

The way of doing this step is also easy-to-follow. It requires just a little awareness and then you can do it easily. First thing first, you have to seek for the SCHEDULE button on the machine and keep holding the button. After that, you press the DAY button to let the schedule appear on the screen. You have to find the schedule which you aim to delete. Then, to delete the correct schedule, you need to choose it and hold the DAY. To finish your process, stop holding the SCHEDULE.

Overall, we can definitely assume that program Roomba 650 is not hard to follow. You just need to read carefully the introduction of the machine or as we showed above so as to do it yourself. It takes time for the first attempt but when you are used to setting this, you will see that it is a simple action.