Roomba 620 vs 761: Which One Is Better

Today, I’ll introduce to you two great vacuums – Roomba 620 vs 761 and make a comparison head to head to make good decisions before purchasing. The Roomba 620 is a technological masterpiece with acoustic sensors and affordable price. We were seriously impressed that such a small vacuum would have this outstanding feature. Meanwhile Roomba 761 is best choice for being more accurate and convenient for all kinds of dirt and pet hair with higher expense.

Roomba 620 vs 761: Comparison And Review

To be honest, Roomba 620 vs 761 are not the most excellent machines on the market but they actually provide a variety of noticeable advanced technologies from iRobot. Let’s see what are their strengths and weaknesses and whether they worth your investment. To figure out which one is better vacuum for housekeepers, we will review and compare some remarkable aspects of these robotic vacuums.

Roomba 620 Roomba 761
Roomba 620
Roomba 761
Weight 12.79 Pounds 14.6 Pounds
Dimensions 17.7 x 16.9 x 4.7 inches 5.6 x 19 x 21.5 inches
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries Required 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries Required
Run Time 80-90 minutes 90 minutes
Wi-Fi Capability
Warranty 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited
Price Check Price Check Price

The Design

Both Roomba 620 vs 761 designs are attractive with circular shape. While Roomba 761 is only available in gray color, Roomba 620 comes with a variety of colors such as white, gray and black. The Roomba 761 attracts my attention immediately with the gray color and strong looking vibe. Regarding to outside appearance, I prefer Roomba 761 over the 620. With the weight of 12.8 pounds, Roomba 620 is much lighter than Roomba 761 which has the weight of 14.8 pounds.

The Portability

In comparison with Roomba 620, the size of Roomba 761 is almost higher, both in dimensions and weight. However, there is no considerable difference between these two vacuums. Customers consider both Roomba 620 and 761 as lightweight units, so the portability is acceptable with no problem of carrying and lifting anywhere. They are able to crawl under bed or furniture without efforts. Moreover, iAdapt Responsive Navigation technology enables these cleaners to navigate and adapt to your changing home.

The Cleaning Performance

  • Both Roomba 620 vs 761 offer much strong power since the two vacuums suck up more dust, dirt, debris and hair than any other precedent products. No one can deny the significant improvement of the suction power of both these vacuums. Moreover, one strong point is that both of them adjust all types floor as it can apply to any environment. The Dirt Detect technology enables both Roomba 620 vs 761 to find accurate area of dirt. As a result, it saves time to detect which spots require more or less cleaning.
  • Thanks to iAdapt which is an advanced system of software, Roomba 620 and 761 can especially slide itself around house into hard-to-reach spots at ease. The system guarantees that there is no debris left behind as well as no drop-off at stairs with those sensors.
  • One of the big differences between the two is that Roomba 761 has auto charge docking mode. On this program, you can schedule it to clean up to 7 times per week on its own. Furthermore, high-end HEPA filtration system makes Roomba 761 outstanding by removing up to 99.9% of small particles of dust and making the surrounding air fresher and cleaner.
  • Roomba 761 has enhanced batteries that last longer than the ones Roomba 620 uses. To be more precise, Roomba 761 can work nonstop for 120 minutes and take us less time to charge. Meanwhile, the cleaning process of Roomba 620 only lasts 80 minutes. Compared to Roomba 620, the 761 can operate longer so that the cleaning process won’t be interrupted.
  • Unlike Roomba 620, the Roomba 761 has an obstacle sensor which avoids the machines from bumping into furniture or vases, etc. on its way. When approaching the obstacles, Roomba 761 will slow down and slide to another side.

The Accessories

Both Roomba 620 vs 761 concludes self-charging home base, battery filter, side brush, bristle brush, beater brush, brush cleaning tool. Moreover, Roomba 761 has an extra HEPA Filter, virtual wall sensors, remote control, round & flat cleaning tools. Many customers say that Roomba 761 has a lot more to offer than its counterpart.

The Price

The price of Roomba 761 is under $300, nearly $100 more expensive than that of Roomba 620. Meanwhile, the Roomba 620 only costs more than $200. It is reasonable that Roomba 761 is much expensive than its “predecessor” since it provides more convenience with the hand of HEPA filters. In spite of higher price, you will get what you pay and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy their high quality and good results from Roomba 761. Overall, both these vacuums are almost affordable for middle-income families.

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The Feedbacks

Customers mostly praised Roomba 620 for its diversity. They could use it in any environment such as living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and even office in just one go. It also delivers massive performance on picking up dirt and debris. However, there is a complain about easily getting stuck of Roomba 620.

Nearly 80% of the buyers rated it five stars as people almost comment it’s worth every penny. What makes really good impression on the buyers is cleaning capability of Roomba 761 into fur of dog and cats. In addition, it did a good job on all surfaces and in a fast manner. One drawback is its pretty loud noise.

The Conclusion

In general, both Roomba 620 and 761 have shown great results on their own way. Roomba 761 is a better cleaning performer but also much pricier than Roomba 620, when it is more accurate, comes with many good features and convenience, including remote control, larger dustbin, etc. At the end of the race, Roomba 761 is undeniably takes the top spot.