Roomba 650 vs 860: Which Is Right For You?

From the title, you can already know that this article is about Roomba 650 vs 860 both are created by one of the leading companies in the industry these days-iRobot. In general, Roomba 650 is pretty different from 860 in several ways. This is not the only article about Roomba 650 and 860. You can find more choices in Roomba 655 vs 650, Roomba 645 vs 650. Let look at more details.

Roomba 650 is a beautiful, minimalistic smart floor cleaner with high durability, wonderful features and visual attractiveness and affordable price. Meanwhile, Roomba 860 which is a more advanced smart floor cleaner is famous for its independence, improved battery life and 5x more power with higher expense. Roomba 650 is wise choice for cleaning per hair

Roomba 650 vs 860: Comparison And Review

We have to figure out how these two models differ, what they have in common, if they offer any unique features and whether they are worth the investment. To do so, we’ll compare, evaluate and rate the most important aspects of Roomba 860 and 650.

Roomba 650 Roomba 860
Roomba 650
Roomba 860
HEPA Filters
Full Bin Indicator
Debris Extractor
Spot Cleaning
Carrying Handle
Dimensions 13.9 x 3.6 inches 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight 7.9 Pounds 8.4 Pounds
Battery Lithium-Ion Ni-MH
Problems Weak Al Weak Multi-Room Navigation
Price Check Price Check Price

The Design

Generally, both Roomba 650 and 860 designs are extremely eye-catching and elegant, which satisfies almost all demands and interests of even the most particular housewives. Because they both are the same design with canister shape, they are good choices for cleaning upholsteries like beds, sofas and so on.

The Roomba 650 takes after the black color of most Roombas available in the market, while the Roomba 860 gives you an alternative with its gray color. With the weight of 11.8 pounds, Roomba 650 is quite lightweight for users can clean a large-scale area. Compared to Roomba 650, Roomba 860 is far more lightweight with the weight of 8 pounds. Hence, it’s very portable and convenient to move, bring and clean it everywhere. Roomba 860 has pretty good (13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches) dimensions and it’ll have zero trouble reaching the tricky places (for example, cleaning under the beds, sofas, TV, etc.)

The Portability

The weight of both Roomba 650 vs 860 is acceptable for portability and convenience for users to move it and clean anywhere. These vacuum cleaners are so lightweight and portable that they can smoothly crawl around your house. Moreover, their dimension is another advantage since the vacuum can reach difficult positions.

The Cleaning Performance

The main reason why people purchase a robotic vacuum is due to their capabilities and performance rates. So we need to find out how well these two smart floor cleaners can perform and if they are as good as people say.

The Features

  • Both Roomba 650 vs 860 show a fantastic performance on a variety of floors
  • The running time of both Roomba 650 and 860 is really amazing. With dozens of tests conducted, we’ve estimated that Roomba 650 can run nonstop for 60 minutes. Whereas, Roomba 860 now has 3x battery life and works for a longer time (approximately 120 minutes).
  • With the strong enough power, both Roomba 650 and 860 machines clean completely dust, dirt things, and dust from all types of floors.
  • The Roomba 650 and 860 both have all the basic features that you would find on all other Roombas. They have the iAdapt Navigation that makes use of a series of sensors and software that allow the Roomba to clean better with several passes and avoid dangerous drops and falls.

The Differences

  • Roomba 650 enables housekeepers to do the task of cleaning more conveniently with the scheduling feature. You can set the time for cleaning throughout the week, so you don’t have to command it manually each time.
  • Because of its smaller dustbin, Roomba 650 can’t have much cleaning capability. To the larger dust bin of Roomba 860, the cleaning capability is much larger than Roomba 650. As a result, Roomba 860 can clean not only pet hair, carpet but also on all floor types, even tile and hardwood floors.
  • The Roomba 650 makes use of AeroVac filters that can catch pet fur, lint, hair and carpet fuzz with no problem.  The Roomba 860, on the other hand, uses high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters.
  • Noticeably, compared to the previous generation models, the cleaning power of Roomba 860 has increased 5x better. Due to the enhanced power capability, the customers call it as an awesome robotic vacuum cleaner!
  • Introducing ‘Concentrated Cleaning’ was a smart move of Roomba 860 since it made the cleaner more detail oriented. Roomba 860 now has a more in-depth sync with the Virtual Walls. If we place the VWs effectively, there’s minimal chance of Roomba 860 missing spots.

The Accessories

It’s pretty cool that iRobot decided to include a free Virtual Wall on both Roomba 650 vs 860. VW Technology can help the robotic vacuum navigate itself more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, Roomba has an extra HEPA Filter to helps trap fine particles. Many customers say that Roomba 860 has a lot more to offer than its counterpart.

The Price

The criterion I would like to compare Roomba 650 vs 860 is the price tag. The price of Roomba 860 is under $500, considerably $200 more expensive than that of Roomba 650. Meanwhile, the Roomba 650 only costs about $300.Therefore, I personally think that both of them are affordable for high and extremely high-income families. In spite of costly price, you will get what you pay and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy their high quality and good results.

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The Feedbacks

The Roomba 650 receives a number of positive feedbacks from users. Up to 71% of the customers rate it 5 star on Amazon. People mostly comment on how satisfactory they feel with the quality and results as compared to the price. Many families love this powerful vacuum because of not making noise. However, there is a complain about easily getting stuck of Roomba 650.

The Roomba 860 have thousands of satisfied customers since they see it as the best vacuum cleaner they have ever bought and just happy with their investment. Buyers praise it for fantastic cleaning performance, but one obvious disadvantage is to work poorly with pet hairs.

The Conclusion

In general, both Roomba 650 vs 860 are accessible robotic vacuums that are excellent on its own. Roomba 860 is a better cleaning performer but also much pricier than Roomba 650. When you live in a small house, Roomba 650 is more suitable. In case you’re on a budget, Roomba 650 is the best robotic vacuum in its price range. In return, Roomba 860 is better choice when you have a pets at home and you need a more powerful clean.