Roomba 655 vs 650 : Which One Is The Best?

In this article, we’ll be comparing iRobot’s two outstanding vacuums, Roomba 655 vs 650. As you can see, both vacuum models belong to the robotic type. Both of them are two of the most widely-used products in the world families. Roomba 665 model is considered as a lightweight portable cleaner with the long battery life and affordable price. Meanwhile Roomba 650 is a striking robot-like vacuum that is known to be a really good performer with higher expense. Moreover, Roomba 650 is wise choice for cleaning per hair like best vacuum for pets, or for car

Before we begin to contrast  Roomba 655 and 650, let’s talk a little bit about iRobot. This is the well-known robotic vacuum manufacturer that has been welcomed into millions of homes around the world on account of the high quality. The number of best-selling durable smart floor cleaners has been released by iRobot. Nowadays, robotic vacuum like Roomba 655 and Roomba 650 is the best choice for housekeepers who want to save time and energy, since doing the chores can be tough and tedious. A number of houskeepers talk about how better their lives would be when there is a smart gadge which help them to automate all the process.

Roomba 655 vs 650: Comparison And Review

Since both models come from the same series, they obviously have some features in common.To figure out what makes Roomba 655 and 650 unique and whether they are worth the investment, we ‘ll review, compare and weigh out the most critical aspects of these robotic vacuums.

Roomba 655 Roomba 650
Roomba 655
Roomba 650
HEPA Filters
Full Bin Indicator
Smart Cleaning
Energy Usage Reports
Cleaning Style Random Random
Modes None None
Sensing Qualities Average Average
Mobile App
Noise Average Average
Battery Life High High
Power Weak Normal
Dimensions 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches
Problems Weak AI Weak AI
Unique Feature Dirt Detection None
Warranty 1 Months 1 Months
Price Check Price Check Price

The Design

In my opinion, both Roomba 655 vs 650 designs are attractive and elegant with the similar canister. However, we can distinguish theirs design according to the color, dimentions and weight. While the Roomba 655 model is in grey color, the model of Roomba 650 is in darker with black color. As a whole, two color are beautiful and eye-catching. The look of Roomba 655 is quite different from traditional iRobot models. The dimensions of both Roombas are somewhat identical. The only noticeable difference is the weight. With the weight of 7.9 pounds, Roomba 655 is much lighter than Roomba 650 which has the weight of 11.8 pounds. Therefore, the Roomba 655 vacuum cleaner is considered as a lightweight portable cleaner and easily can slide itself into hard-to-reach spots.

The Portability

As the weight of both Roomba 655 vs 650 is quite low, it has no problem for users to carry these vacuum cleaners upstairs. That weight is acceptable for portability and convenience for users to move it and clean anywhere. According to feedbacks on the Internet, many people weren’t annoyed at all using these machines to clean on stairs. Most Roomba models are designed with minimalistic series, which allow you slide itself around house especially into hard-to-reach spots at ease. Both are similar in canister shape, so they work well on upholsteries like beds, sofas, under furniture and more.

The Cleaning Performance

  • To begin with, both Roomba 655 vs 650 are random robotic vacuum cleaners that can maximize cleaning performance. The powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System with Edge-Sweeping Brush is designed to loosen, lift and suction dust from all types of floor. 3-Stage Cleaning System plays an important role in perfect cleaning performance as it can clean tiles, carpets, rugs, hardwood and more.
  • Both Roomba 655 vs 650 enable the housekeepers to do the task of cleaning more conveniently with the scheduling feature. There is a neat feature called “Scheduling” that helps users set the time for cleaning throughout the week. They can be programmed to clean the house everyday to make sure your houses always to be neat and tidy.
  • Roomba 655 has enhanced batteries that last longer than the ones Roomba 650 uses. To be more precise, Roomba 655 can work nonstop for 80-90 minutes and take us less time to charge. However, the running time of Roomba 650 is pretty amazing. All the tests we have done indicates that it only takes 60 minutes to complete the task. One factor that makes the Roomba 650 desirable is the auto-docking feature. It guarantees that the machine will get full recharge when the battery runs low.
  • Thanks to the Cliff Detection sensor, Roomba 655 will never fall down the stairs nor will the Roomba 650. Also, Roomba 655 has a larger dustbin, and it can  hold more dirt than Roomba 650 models do.
  • Unfortunately both Roomba 655 vs 650 don’t succeed in detecting the dirt in the surroundings. In other words, both of vacuum cleaners have hard time determining which spots require more or less cleaning. So it is necessary to place the Virtual walls so that the Roomba cleaners start moving more precisely and efficiently.

The Accessories

The 655 comes with 1 flat brush cleaning tool and 1 round brush cleaning tool whereas the 650 comes with only the flat brush cleaning tool. The Roomba 655 comes with an extra rubber brush, an extra side brush and an extra bristle brush. However, these extra brushes are not included when you buy a Roomba 650. It can be said that Roomba 655 has a lot more to offer than its counterpart.

The Price

The price of Roomba 655 is more slightly lower than that of Roomba 650. However the price of around $300 will suitable for most of middle and high-income families. In spite of costly price, you will get what you pay and I’m pretty sure you will satisfied with their high quality and results.

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The Feedbacks

The Roomba 650 receives a number of positive feedbacks from users. Up to 71% of the customers rate it 5 star on Amazon. People mostly comment on how satisfactory they feel with the quality and results as compared to the price. Many families love this powerful vacuum because of not making noise. However, the Roomba 650 is complained about easily getting stuck.

The Roomba 655 is considered as one of the best-selling products on Amazon. Up to 76% of the customers are pleasant to own one and give it 5 star for being a outstanding vacuum. Pet owners are satisfied with the proficiency of cleaning out pet hair entirely. However, some people complain about its performance on carpets and rugs.

The Conclusion

In general, both Roomba 655 and Roomba 650 is wonderful on its own. It’s quite difficult to say which of these two takes the top spot. Today, Roomba 650 is a more popular smart floor cleaner (it’s the best-selling robotic vacuum iRobot has ever released). Roomba 655 is a newer model that has to prove its worth, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be as functional as the 650 model. So it’s reasonable that the Roomba 650 is a better choice. With its popularity, high ratings and positive reviews it surely is a safer buy.