Roomba 805 vs 870: Which Is Right For You?

Roomba 805 vs 870: Which Is Right For You?
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In the previous posts, we have made comparison between Roomba 620 vs 761. Today, we will review post within Roomba 800 series, comparing Roomba 805 vs 870. As you know, both Roomba 805 and 870 come from the same brand – iRobot. Which is famous for releasing a number of modern and high quality robotic cleaners on the market.

Roomba 805 vs 870: Comparison And Review

To be honest, Roomba 805 vs 870 are not the most excellent machines on the market but they function as typical advanced iRobot cleaners. Let’s see what are their pros and cons, and find out which one is better choice for housewives to invest. We will review and compare some significant aspects of these robotic vacuums.

The Design

It seems that circular design is the optimum for robotic vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you can expect Roomba 805 vs 870 in circular shape. While Roomba 805 is simply in black color like most traditional robotic cleaners, Roomba 870 comes with a lighter gray color. Actually, the Roomba 870 attracts my attention immediately with the gray color and strong looking vibe. With the weight of 8.4 pounds, Roomba 805 is much lighter than Roomba 761 which has the weight of 11.75 pounds. Therefore, the Roomba 655 vacuum cleaner is actually a lightweight portable cleaner and easily can slide itself into hard-to-reach spots. The dimensions of Roomba 805 is 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches, whereas the number of Roomba 870 is 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches.

The Portability

As the weight of both Roomba 805 vs 870 is quite low, it has no problem for users to carry and lift these vacuum cleaners anywhere. Most Roomba model designs are following the style of minimalistic series, which allow you slide itself around house especially into hard-to-reach spots at ease.

Both are similar in canister shape, so they work well on upholsteries like beds, sofas, under furniture and more. Moreover, iAdapt Responsive Navigation technology enables these cleaners to navigate and adapt to your changing home.

The Cleaning Performance

This is the most concerned criteria when it comes to vacuum cleaners. There are many things which will come to customers’ mind before they purchase a product. For example, they may wonder whether it works well on their floor or not; what features it has to be worth that price, etc. Well, here is the answer for you.

Roomba 805 Roomba 870
Roomba 805
Roomba 870

Weight 8.4 Pounds 11.75 Pounds
Dimensions 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Battery 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion
Run Time 90 minutes 110 minutes
Wi-Fi Capability
Warranty 2 year limited 2 year limited
Price Check Price Check Price

The Features :

  • What makes both Roomba 805 vs 870 perfect is iAdapt Navigation, since it uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home. That is an advanced system of software allowing the vacuums to clean even hard-to-reach places and make multiple passes over the same area to make sure there is no dirt left and to avoid stairs and other drop-offs. Moreover, all two vacuums has tangle-free extractors which help to prevent hair and debris clogs efficiently.
  • In two Roomba 805 and 870, 3-Stage Cleaning System plays an important role in perfect cleaning capability as it delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance. The powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System is designed to loosen, lift and suction dust from all types of floor so that as it can clean tiles, carpets, rugs, hardwood and more. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with AeroForce High-efficiency filter which captures 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns.
  • In addition, with the Roomba 805 and 870 the owners can conveniently schedule up to 7 times per week on its own. The scheduling feature allows you to set the time for Roomba to clean whenever you want. Hence you don’t waste much time worrying about the chores and have more time to relax and spend with families.

The Difference :

  • Compared to Roomba 805, the Roomba 870 operate longer though the runtime of both these vacuums is considerably amazing. We have made some tests that Roomba 870 can work nonstop for 110 minutes while the running time for Roomba 805 is 90 minutes. Specially, when Rooma 805’s battery runs low or the clean cycle finishes, it automatically docks and recharges.
  • One factor keeps Roomba 870 more useful is HEPA filter, which can pick up and clean dirt and allergens down to the tiniest of particles. Most buyers praised Roomba 870 for the extractors that don’t clog with hair.

The Accessories

Both Roomba 805 and 870 use extractors instead of brush bristles, which agitate dust and grime so the vacuums can suck it all up easier. What’s more, Roomba 870 offer HEPA filter to increase the efficiency of cleaning considerably. Many customers say that the Roomba 870 has a lot more to offer than its counterpart.

The Price

Roomba 805 is much less expensive than the 870 as the price of these cleaners really counts on the results they give. The price of Roomba 870 is nearly two time as much as this of Roomba 805. The Roomba 805 costs more than $400, whereas the figure of Roomba 870 is nearly $800. In my opinion, these vacuums are suitable for middle and high-income families. It is so true that the customers will be pleasant with the result what they pay for.

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The Feedbacks

Many buyers consider Roomba 805 as time saver and they often say how their lives would be better when it helps them spend more time with families. With the Roomba 805, the floors become spotless because of powerful suction. However, there is a complain about its performance on hardwood floors or carpet as not expected.

More than 66% of customers give Roomba 870 five stars as an outstanding vacuum. Most people compliment on its seamless transitions between floor types and tangle-free extractors which prevent hair and debris clogs. Some users noticed that the 870 had less of a tendency to get lost and trapped as it navigated their offices and shop. However the disappoinment is small dustbin and its poor usage for furniture or stairs.

The Conclusion

In the end of the race, we have to give the winner for the Roomba 870. Speaking of quality, Roomba 870 is obviously better and delivers more impressive performance. The suction power of the larger vacuum – Roomba 870 really made a significant advantage in picking up dirt and dust. However, in case you have a limited budget, you should consider the cheaper one, Roomba 805. I believe this product is enough for your house.