Roomba Won’t Hold Charge : What Should We Do ?

Roomba Won’t Hold Charge : What Should We Do ?
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Roomba is one of those nifty machines in our house. It can help you clean up the rooms without using your bare hands. Sometimes, the machine will experience problems. In this article, we will show you some useful tips when Roomba won’t hold charge.

The Reasons Why Roomba Won’t Hold Charge

This problem comes from specific causes. That means you do not worry about it while your machine does not hold charge. First of all, we will point out the common issues of not holding charge. Therefore, you can easily seek for your Roomba’s problem.

Your Machine is Too Old

The first reason we mention is about the age of your device. If you have a long-termed use of the machine, it can break. Machines do not work like people but they also have their own longevity. As the time passed by, the wire and the cog of the machine can reduce the working performance. The longer time working, the weaker the component is. If you purchased your machine a long time ago, that would be the right time to change into a new one.

Plugging is Not Properly Set

Plugging is Not Properly Set

The plug of the machine should be put in the right way. If you are sure that your Roomba is completely good-to-use, check the plug out. First thing first, let’s see if you plug properly. To let your machine receive electricity, the charging dock connection must be tight. As a result, your Roomba can have the proper power source for it to activate.

Electric Outlet Problem

The third cause of the not-holding-charge issue may be by the electric outlet. While you check the two above reason but they are not the suitable ones, let’s take a look at your electric outlet. The change of electric power can be a crucial factor in leading your machine not to hold the charge properly. As we mentioned at the beginning, we have different sources leading to this case. Maybe the reason does not belong to the device but from the outside. To see if your device is totally fine, you can ask your neighbor to use his electric source. That work will help you to know exactly the issue and then decide on the solution.

Your Roomba Has Broken Parts

Last but not least, if all of the above reasons are not the right answers, the machine may have broken parts. The wire or the other components relating to the charging function are damaged by different factors. Sometimes, the new vacuum also can have this problem, not only the old one. That unexpected scenario causes your machine not to charge in the proper way anymore.

The solutions

Roomba won’t hold charge brings to users a nightmare. There are some solutions for you when this case happens.

Purchase A New Battery

A New Battery

As the battery of your Roomba getting too old to work, you must buy a new one to replace it. This case happens when you used a machine for a long time. The reason for the old battery is that it tends to decrease the efficiency over time.If your Roomba’s battery is about to die, you might want to roomba replacement battery

Adjust The Plug

When you find out that you plugged the plug not tightly into the socket, you must adjust it. Therefore, the flowing of electricity can be fluent. And then, your machine can charge normally.

Check the Power Source

Make sure that your electric power point is always stable. When the vacuum does not keep charging, you have to watch out the outlet. The activity will let you know whether the amount of electricity is enough or not.

Fix The Broken Components

Some issues come from the broken parts of a machine. If you find out that your vacuum does not charge normally, you will fix it yourself or call an expert for help. In my opinion, you should ask the professional person to fix this machine for you. Due to his experienced skills, the repairer can do the job in the right way without making more mess.

Buy A New Vacuum

Buy A New Vacuum

This is the last choice for you when you tried out all this solution we mentioned above. I know it is hard to say goodbye to an old friend but we have to do that. If your machine is too old to work, it is time to making a decision to purchase a new vacuum. You can refer to some of this article : Roomba 805 vs 870, Roomba 650 vs 860, Roomba 645 vs 650.

How To Reduce The Risk Of The Problem

If you are looking for some tips to reduce the risk, you are in right place.

Always keep your machine in a dry place

High humidity of the environment may cause your machine’s components damaged faster. If you do not want to run the risk of not charging effectively, you should take care of it.

Remain the stable electric socket

The electric outlet must provide the fluent amount of power so that the charging progress can work properly. The fluctuation of electricity is an inner issue of damaging your battery. In short, the situation that Roomba won’t hold charge will not let you become much worry. There are various reasons causing the unforeseen scenario, but we can fix it when we have enough information.