Sebo Vs Miele : Which One Is Better?

Sebo Vs Miele : Which One Is Better?
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All users want to buy the best deal achievable, and especially on the vacuum cleaner. We can see that some models are a little pricey than others. Confessedly, Sebo Vs Miele is the manufacturers of the leading vacuum cleaner reviews. However, there is still a roundup of product lines which should be checked carefully before you make a buying decision.

Recently, I have analyzed the difference between Miele C1 VS C2, Dyson DC40 VS DC41. These are vacuum lines which are well-known to provide superior cleaning performance without loss of traction. Besides, they receive positive reviews on many websites. In this writing, I will focalize on the comparison between Sebo Vs Miele, two famed brands of vacuum cleaners. After reading this post, hope you can find out a desirable vacuum cleaner brand.

Sebo Vs Miele: Comparison And Reviews

It is no secret that Sebo and Miele’s manufacturers have a great reputation. Both Sebo and Miele are manufactured in Germany, which is famous for engineering top-of-the-line products. Let’s see similarities and differences between Sebo Vs Miele vacuums in our review.

The Design

Sebo and Miele’s models have the good appearance. Both of them are made of silver. They are designed in order to clean all surfaces easily. There is a small difference in design between them.

The Cleaning Performance

You can use Sebo and Miele vacuum cleaners to clean small surfaces such as stairs, chairs. The Sebo and Miele brands use various methods to clean the home. However, both of them can remove up to 99.9% of pollutants from the air.

The Features

  • First of all, both Sebo and Miele create good vacuum cleaners for us to clean the home. They can clean all the surfaces in our home. They help us remove most dirts and allergens from the home properly. Secondly, Sebo and Miele vacuum cleaners are quite easy to empty and convenient to store. Thirdly, Sebo Vs Miele vacuums are supposed to be small and easy transport across multi-level homes.

The Difference

  • First of all, Sebo and Miele vacuum cleaners have a small difference in weight. When it comes to weight, the SEBO always wins when we compare the two brands top of the line canister vacuums.
  • In detail, when it comes to weight, the Sebo vacuum cleaner weighs just about 15.9 pounds. That is really not much weight for a heavy duty canister. Users will feel comfortable to bring this model around.
  • Besides, a Miele vacuum cleaner product is about 28.2 pounds. Therefore, this makes a difference between the two brands.
  • Secondly, unlike the Sebo, the Miele vacuum cleaners use HEPA filter technology. In detail, thanks to HEPA filters, the Miele at a minimum can remove up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air. Miele vacuum is one of the first vacuums to use a HEPA filter in the early 1990’s.
  • However, it is not a bad idea when Sebo vacuums do not use a HEPA filter. In fact, Sebo vacuums do not need to use expensive HEPA filters but they can clean the home effectively. Instead of using a HEPA filter, the Sebo vacuums use s-class hospital grade filtration systems. Surprisingly, the Sebo’s systems with their filters can remove 99.9% of pollutants in the air at the same. Therefore, again the winner is SEBO.
  • Thirdly, these vacuums have a difference about the warranty. We can see that the warranty on the Sebo is far longer than Miele vacuums. In detail, the Miele often has a 7-year motor and a 1-year full machine warranty. Meanwhile, the Sebo often has a 5-year motor warranty and a 5-year full machine warranty.
  • Last but not least, the cost of ownership is much less. In detail, Sebo vacuum bags and filters often cost about half of what they are for a Miele. Besides, service on a Sebo vacuum is often about half of what it is for a Miele vacuum cleaner. The reason for this is very simple. Sebo vacuum cleaners are designed to be serviced easily. Meanwhile, Miele always recommends you to have service done by an authorized service center.

The Portability

The portability is something that may be quite important when it comes to a vacuum cleaner.  When you use it to clean the home, you will have to push or pull this appliance along with you. Luckily, Seibo and Miele brands have vacuum cleaners which come with lightweight help you carry easily with one hand.

The Accessories

The Sebo often includes three on-board tools: the dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery nozzle. Meanwhile, the Miele often includes some premium tools which are equipped with an active HEPA filter.

The Price

You can see that a vacuum cleaner from Sebo Vs Miele can last for decades. Therefore, these vacuums should be considered an investment. This is the reason for why they are more expensive than other same vacuum cleaners. There is a large difference in price between Sebo and Miele vacuum cleaners. Of course, when it comes to cost, the Miele is more expensive than the Sebo.

Sebo Vacuum

Miele Vacuum

The Feedbacks

We can see so many vacuum reviews of Sebo and Miele throughout the years. Some people believe that Sebo makes far better vacuums than the new vacuum products. They think that while Sebo has increased their quality, Miele has decreased their quality.

Besides, most users affirm that Sebo and Miele are quite reasonable and worth the cost. Having a Sebo or Miele is perfect about cost, value, warranty, usability, and filtration.

Therefore, users often dropped comments as “most powerful vacuum cleaner” or “very great for corners! All in all, I love this machine.”

Most Amazon customers review Miele 4.3 stars and Sebo 4.8 stars.

The Conclusion

After reading the comparison between Sebo and Miele, you probably make a choice of manufacturer. We can see that there are a lot of similarities as well as differences between them. Therefore, it all depends on what you are really looking for in a vacuum cleaner. Now, you have had some significant information. Which manufacturer would you choose, Sebo vs Miele?