Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 : Which One Is The Best ?

Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 : Which One Is The Best ?
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Have you ever heard of Sebo and Miele brands? These two are highly rated German companies. And, their models have great reputation for high quality and value. Sebo models are made using high-grade ABS plastic and feature S-class hospital grade filtration. Whereas, Miele focuses on developing 6-speed suction control with powerful two-motor systems. And, it is not a doubtful statement when I say that Germany manufactures the most top-notch machines in the world. However, the big question that most people ask when it comes to vacuum cleaners from Sebo and Miele is which is better. Today, I will come up with 2 representatives from each company and see which model is more appealing.

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Sebo X4 vs Miele s7: Comparison And Review

Upright vacuums have always been the most reliable and classic design of vacuum cleaner even though the design has been around quite some time and there are many more types of cleaner available in the market nowadays. Among those upright models, sebo x4 vs miele s7 remain two of the most popular with their ability to make your house dust-free. The fact that they are from reputable brands makes them more reliable. These models compare quite well versus one another when it comes to friendly features and overall performance. Yet, this doesn’t mean they are identical. There is an assortment of aspects which distinguish the Sebo x4 from Miele s7 and vice versa. If you are facing a dilemma between these two models, keep reading the sections below. I hope it will help you figure out the best machine for your home.

The Design

Sebo x4 vs Miele s7 come from different brands, so you will have totally different models in terms of appearance. Sebo x4 is an upright vacuum and it has an older classic design which gives the vintage vibe for the item itself. It has square design with low profile. This will be beneficial when you try to get a reach under furniture. It is available in three colors, including red, dark blue and white. Somehow, it find this one is a little cheap. On the other hand, the Miele s7 look pretty and sophisticated with its overall design as well as kind of look pleasant to the eye. It is made using durable plastic but it not flimsy at all. It has a shiny glossy finish making it even more stylish and modern. What’s more impressive, both models come with extra-long power cord, 40ft (Sebo x4) and 39ft (Miele s7). With that length, you can go anywhere in the room without having to change the outlets.

The Portability

Both models are easy to maneuver. Especially, Sebo and Miele attached 2 wheels at the back so that Sebo x4 vs Miele s7 can move freely across the room. In addition, the Sebo x4 with slimmer design comes with lighter weight, just 16 pounds, as compared to the Miele s7 with 21 pounds. Also, both of them have extremely long power cord and hose for great maneuverability. Many high-end products can even have this length of power cord. And, those who used to own a short power cord will understand the inconvenience of movement when you have to change many times in order to reach every corners.

The Cleaning Performance

Don’t be tricked by their appearances. Sebo x4 vs Miele s7 are highly rated in very review. Especially, the Sebo x4 is an improved and updated version which has the lowest vacuum cleaner repair rate of any vacuum I have ever seen. And, the Miele is a matching rival of Sebo x4 in terms of quality. If I have already triggered your interest, then keep on reading to know what features make them stand-out from the rest.

The Feature

  • Sebo x4 vs Miele s7 are really simple with no much things going on. However, they definitely have serious power. The Sebo x4 is designed with air flow which is rated at 103.8 CFM and you will feel how great it is after replacing the old bag with the new one. In addition, this model has a 12-amp motor generating 13,000 watts of power, so that it is understandable that this vacuum can provide such a good dust-taking capability. In order to not be behind, Miele s7 is designed with a more than decent suction power thanks to its 1200 watts input to power the 4.8rpm electro brush.

The Difference

  • Both models are bagged with different capacity. While the bag of Sebo x4 has a capacity of 1.4 gallons, that of the Miele s7 is a little bigger with 1.6 gallons. This means with these machines you don’t have to empty them often. Especially, those bags are a part of the vacuum filtration system to keep the dust separated in the next step.
  • Speaking of filtration system, the Sebo x4 uses hospital-grade filtration, which will be a good news for people with allergies and asthmas. There is a 3-layer filtration system and the bag will hold the dirt/dust inside. The S-class micro filters will trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. Meanwhile, the Miele s7 comes with an Active Clear Filter whose performance is similar to HEPA’s.
  • Only Miele s7 is equipped with LED lights on the head for illumination in the dark places. Also, another difference between Sebo x4 and Miele s7 is that only the latter comes with the swiveled handle.

The Attachments

The Sebo x4 includes crevice tool, dusting brush and an upholstery tool. The Pet version also has additional Turbo brush and extension hose.

The Miele s7 comes with Turbo brush nozzle, dust brush, crevice tool, telescopic wand and a hose.

The Price

Both Sebo x4 and Miele s7 comes with affordable prices.

Sebo X4

Miele s7

The Feedback

The Sebo x4 is rated 3.8 stars. The machine was easy to use yet powerful to lift away all the dirt and dust. The multiple layer filtration system was another plus point. Yet, in some’s opinion, the standard hose was a bit short.

The Miele s7 receives 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People loved those user-friendly features like swivel head and LED lights. Also, the machine was extremely quiet, yet generated great suction power. However, it was little heavy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Sebo x4 vs Miele s7 are worth a try. They come from reliable brands plus the technical parameters are appealing. Although there are a few differences, both of them are equivalent in terms of quality.

Which one is your favorite?